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Saturday, January 17, 2009

PROVEN ! MKINI, a Pro-Anwar Website !!

by { JP }

This have been a long way to go ..

Malaysiakini, one of the nation most readed news website, had executed their "right to remove such blogsites from the 'MKINI IN BLOGS ' section, where the [ Malaysia party ] blogsite had been removed from its section since this Tuesday, 13th January 2009.

This has been a hard time for me. Depressed, is the only word I can find to expressed my current feeling.

Its seems that fair and fairness is not the role here. There is always rules of game, in which you broken their rules "set", you are out ! They set rules, such as bla..bla.. bla; if you broken their rules sometimes not means that you would totally out of their listed section; unless you have written somethings which sounded in their perception is "Anti-Anwar" !

Just look at others, like ...bla..bla..bla.. (not to give them free advertisement here, actually lazy to browse back) you know, when click into their blogs, what had you seen ? More or less the same where related issue articles copied into posts, more or less the whole articles from other blogs being copied into their posts, more or less and more .. but they did not critisice Anwar. And most of these blogs are pro-Anwarism, obviously. So they got listed !

Since when is the last time we've seen Tun Dr. Mahathir's blogsite - the [Che Det] being listed in their section ? Even you can see its seems that they are purposedly fault linked the Tun 's blogsite -{ Mahathir Mohamad - chedet.com } , this was Tun 's previous blogsite address, and don't tell me that they have forgot to update ! ?

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