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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Depressed highAIM tobe PM (part II)

Anwar (as listed top blogs-blogger in Malaysiakini) was so depressed recently until he almost commited to criminal sedition by intentionally or unintentionally posted a seditious open letter.

The pro-Anwar letter which claimed NOT written by Anwar but intentionally published in Anwar's blog Sept 28, 2008 sounded induce his supporters (or fanatics) to commit any "wracking" action against a writer named K. Baradan who had written negatively about Anwar Ibrahim!

The open letter titled [Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy?] which had been published by Anwar's at http://anwaribrahimblog.com/2008/09/28/who-is-baradan-kuppusamy/ on the Sept 28, 2008 BUT as on today what I've read in Anwar's blog, it'd been "dikeluarkan" (ejected).

This was Anwar's echoing of this sedition incident,
(posted in his blog today) at http://anwaribrahimblog.com/2008/10/05/entri-baradan-kuppusamy/
Entri Baradan Kuppusamy
By Anwar Ibrahim
Satelah membaca teliti surat pembaca mengenai wartawan Baradan Kuppusamy, saya dapati bahasa yang digunakan terlalu keras. Maka surat tersebut telah dikeluarkan dari blog.

{ Translated here :

Satelah (no found in dictionary, close matching - Setelah means) After read deeply the reader's letter about a journalist name Baradan Kuppusamy, I've found that the language been used was too strong. Hence the letter had been "ejected" from blog.

Why I said Anwar was so depressed? Look how short (or syiok) he wrote!

Now only he found that the word was too strong, that's means before published anything he NEVER checked carefully or intentionally got one-eye-blind OR intentionally with his agenda to "Xill with other hand" ?

I'm totally would NOT believed on his motion to "ejected" the letter (some more he said ejected only; NOT erased) due to the words (or language) used was too strong; but this motion is more sounded as a reminder like a second notice to his induced supporters to "wrack" his foe !

And his motion of ejecting the open letter from his blog means what ?
It's unacceptable ! [ Damage is done ! ]

"Who asked you to serviced the guy ? "

"No.. No ..no article in the blog there to induce you !?
You will be charged by one more panel code : "cheating" !!"

See how cunning you threw stone then you hide your hands !

I'm wondering why you are so depressed now ? NO ?

" I'm highly aim to be PM, don't "kacau" me! "
(as rocky's bru- another top blogs of Malaysiakini also critised his motion)

People are wondering here what's your actual motive in publishing the OPEN LETTER which is so desperately in searching the information (include telephone) of somebody who wrote negatively about you ?!

Which the letter sounded very like to induce your fanatics or supporters to assault your foe !!

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Antares said...

Man, it's your mind that's depressing! Yours is the sort of non-thinking that makes this country morally and mentally retarded.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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