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Sunday, December 26, 2010

DAP 's, dare to BackFIRE ? !!!

With all due respect, DAP’s,

With your coalition partner in Pakatan, PKR’s leader Eli Wong, publicly condemned you against a signage which advertised at your Rocket 2U Café, do you all dare to backfire (publicly) on this issue ?

How do you response, DAP’s ? Or you all choose to remain silent ?

Being an ostrich ?

On the day when PGRM Dr. Koh Tsu Koon ‘s portray being torn off by UMNO’s jackal, you all did not redress his unjust but chose to ridicule his unfortunate.

photo credited from Malaysiakini
Until today, this had been politicked sarcastic Dr Khor as "an ostrich"; “no ball” !

So, may I question you, DAP’s, how do response to PKR’s publicly condemnation ?
Or you choose to be an ostrich indeed ?

So, tell me what makes you different from PGRM ?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~happy reunion day~ 冬至团圆

{JP} - [the 3rd PARTY] wishing all Chinese worldwide :

~Happy Reunion with family wherever you are ~



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why PAKATAN DESPERATE to deny 2/3 majority in Parliament ? !!!

(sorry, my engrand low level, have to digest slowly)
Now certain number MP of the Pakatan's was banned (suspended) by the parliament. Many have condemned the ruling party - BN for this motion to ban Pakatan's MP with intention to conquer back 2/3 majority in parliament !!

This is totally hypo!!!

Look at these fact which I gathered recently (recently means, for the pass tense, YES! there were the same habit or patent) =>

1. In the vote section of RM10 pay cut to Minister of Energy
"Voting for a RM10 pay cut for the Minister of Energy, Green Technology & Water.
Results : Support motion = 47; Decline = 58 => Motion Rejected:
(a definate purposedly? defeat for Pakatan Rakyat)

Total votes = 105

(meaning those other hundred something ? "goyang goyang kaki" shaking leg laying comfortably at home ?? !!!)

2. somewhere back in November.
according to a pro-pakatan!! webnews,

"there was not enough compulsory quantity of ADUN to sit in for state assembly early today which this had adjourn the legislation meeting !!"

We all know that by denying the ruling party of 2/3 majority is to prevent certain power from amending the constitution; but look at the fact, they themselves not even attend the parliamentary section or voting section; and we all should keep on trusting them to uphold the what and what rights, this and that, bla bla bla.....etc ? You still believe ?

(postnote : All photos shown were just illustrations and not the actual moment of parliamentary section as described)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali ~..~..~

JP and wife wish all Hindus "HAPPY DIWALI".

"May the light brighter our future"

JP 3rd PARTY -
jp3rdparty.blogspot.com and malaysiaparty.blogspot.com


Friday, October 1, 2010

Selangor ADUN Xavier Jayakumar - PKR 's shame!!

by JP

"Xavier Jayakumar Punched Me"
(above pic from daily press - Nanyang Siang Pau October 01, 2010 published)


The "gaji buta" ADUN, moron Xavier Jayakumar, alleged to have lost his temper and punch on his opponent, S.Kottapan, of the PKR party election which held last week!

Xavier immediately crash in front of me and punch my right submaxilary, then kick on me few times!", told S.Kottapan.
"When I tried to run out from there, a group of gangster hit me by helmet and chair!!"

"Both my son, one is only ten of his age, wounded too in the violent incident!!!"

What a bastard violent government we had voted ?!!!

"haha ! Catch me if you can !"

Monday, August 9, 2010

If PKR's elected reps sleep, COMPLAIN-lah to Anwar Ibrahim!!

by JP

This is how PKR's work..

Since the Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, ADUN Tmn Sri Andalas and EXCO member of Selangor state government, stands ignore and arrogant against public complaint, I decided to let his boss know about his incompetency. Like little boy being nasty, normally auntie will threat by saying "i will tell your mama".
OK., here is the story...

Yesterday at about 8:06am, I tweet YB DS Anwar Ibrahim
Xavier Jayakumar reply a tweet to me in less than
30minutes right after my tweet to YB DS Anwar Ibrahim, a tremendous improvement compares to his ignore on "gaji buta" issue for almost 1 year (450,000minutes)!
I started to blog about his constituents issues on
July 02,2009 - click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. and I had created a discussion group - [say NO to "gaji buta" ADUN & MP] in facebook to give him more pressure for doing right - serve Rakyat. With extremely well growing in membership
[Say NO to "gaji-buta" ADUN & MP] hits its 500 members within 2 months, and still growing with 1000members within 6months. But seems all worthless due for this PKR's is still on his comfortably seat, with occasionally open house here - kenduri there but nothing obvious seen to be done to solve the complaint! And worst, not even a single reply we seen from his genuine heart to help up his own constituents!!
And now, with a surprised! (He might had just got a knock from his boss, YB DS Anwar Ibrahim, who also holds a sustain position in Selangor state government) Dr Xavier Jayakumar finally reply!

I can smell fishy in his invitation, don't you?
I decide to keep my blogging identification as anonymous for many reasons but not to elaborate here. Besides, he knows the issue well. The issue had noticed thousands of people, its quite weird and unbelievable if he tells me that he unaware of it!

but still, i try to be good-hearted to remind him,

and this,

this too,

and this,

Right after i tweet him on the above, you know what happen ?
HE BLOCK ME OUT from following his tweet. wakakakakkakakak! He acts very immature not more than a kid, "Wa tak mau campur lu main!" wakakakkaakka.
See how they react ? how they react against public complaint? and they keep on saying that they serve Rakyat, but this ....?? what a big joke and joker in political party!

So, now I know how it goes - if any of PKR's elected reps not working properly, COMPLAIN-LAH to its mastermind - the genius, YB DS Anwar Ibrahim! But don't put a high hope, at the end of the day your complaint might not be solved as well. do you believe ?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joke of Today ~ SIPUT babi ~

by { JP }

Seekor SIPUT babi, AI yang sukunya lidA, cuba sedayanya untuk menjadi King. Ia segak, pandai cakap; bukan saja bijak bahkan pusingan otak semacam musang.

Ia cuba menggoda seekor lagi siput babi, nama KI, untuk menjadi puting caturnya dalam perjalanan untuk menguasai siput-siput lain. KI, seekor pemimpin siput yang lain suku (onmU) dengan AI. Dengan berjaya merangkumi KI kedalam sukunya, ingat bolehlah pengikut-pengikut KI akan masuk suku sekali dan lebih pentingnya menjejaskan keagungan onmU yang kian terjejas akan merosot parit. Ini sekaligus menfaedahkan perkembangan suku lidA.

Tapi, apa tidak diketahui ialah AI sebenarnya seekor siput yang banyak kekasih. Salah seekor namanya AzA pembantu kanannya juga. AI ada planningnya sendiri.

Dalam pilihanraya yang telah berlangsung, suku lidA berjaya menguasai salah sebuah kawasan pasir, Srognale-snail, kerajaan siput. KI-lah yang menduduki kawasan pasir tersebut. Dengan tidak dikritikkan tak menunai janji bawah table antara AI-KI, dengan itu KI dikurniakan Raja-kecik Srognale-snail. AI memang ada planningnya sendiri.

Maka dalam masa tak pendek dan tak kasi AzA menunggu lama, AI mulakan plotnya untuk menggulingkan KI. Mula-mula dengan berbagai tuduhan mulut; kemudian dengan kritik besar-besaran tentang KI yang bersekongkol keluarga sendiri menggorek kosong pasir kawasan Srognale-snail. Haha! siput sudah cemas, tanpa pasir; lemas-lah nanti siput!!

AI ingat cara ini akan dapat paksa KI mengundur diri dan dengan tak lain tak bukan, maka AzA yang jadi kekasih AI akan dikurniakan raja baru Srognale-snail. Babi betul siput KI ~..~

Friday, May 21, 2010

If I knEw he is so like that, I won't vote for him ..

by { JP }

Right before the Hulu Selangor by-election, one of Anwar's right-hand man, Sim Tze Tzin, also the ADUN for Penang state assembly, request to add me as 'friend' in Facebook.

I was no surprised but intend to reveal his actual mean behind his suspicious movement. Due to my 'boombastic' non-stoping and 'never give-up' spirit to unveil imcompentency, arrogant and ignorancy on public complaint of the Parti KeADILan Rakyat's law-makers, few of Anwar's aide de camp moron assistants (or fanatics) have trying to track me down in the past few months.
I was not surprised this YB (Yang Berhormat) or "Yang Badut ?" was just another fly! They had trying to send 'careless-fail' to track me. Ok! now this is the higher-ranking in the party. He was one of Anwar's bulldogs when 'reformasi' time and one of few Chineses who're very close to Anwar. ~..geli~..

After I got to know about his request to add me as 'friend' in Facebook, I somehow dragged him into my quest by asking him "Why adding me ?" although I'd known his answer given could be a rhetoric one.

so, he answered "we uphold democratic principles. Even you may be wrong, i will defend your rights to speak..." see how rhetoric one. And trying to comfort me by saying this "We can exchange ideas," and lastly this "no worries"

So, his points were:
1. They (PKR 's ?) uphold democratic principles;

2. He will defend our (Rakyat) rights to speak;

3. Encouraging us to exchange ideas;

4. no worries (NO FEAR ?).

ok..great one then.

Then after the PKR had defeated shamefully in the HS by-election, I pin-pointed out their weakness with these:

{{ would the rakyat vote for this type of selfish political where they will :
no.1 do every efforts to shut you up for making complaint;
no.2 humiliating you;
no.3 threathen to "pecah lo kepala" !! ???
>> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-do-you-really-care-for.html
and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/alarm-to-dr-xavier-adun-exco-of_20.html
and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/10/pakatan-rakyat-able-to-crackdwon.html
and finally this >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-jp-complete-version_17.html

His response to this was unexpected and unmatching with his covered-image (a high educated, well-thinker and polite-look Master degree holder law-maker) which totally tarnished by deleting me from adding suggestion in his Facebook comment section! Haha! childish, dragged him!

Besides, recently I read about other 'Rakyat' s comment about him in Facebook >>

These show how they practise [[uphold democratic principles]], [[encouraging people to exchange ideas]] and see how another one of his moron comrade-PKR ADUN Perak- Chang Lih Kang slapped their own faces by killing 'Rakyat' rights to speak >>
they even tried of using others (fanatic) to humiliate 'Rakyat' when they heard unfavorable voices.

They'll treat each commentator who giving unfavorable opinion is pro-UMNO or pro-BN.

Now we know, they can't be condemned. They are great. They never do anything wrong. Don't ever try to piss on them, they will revenge !! This sounded like dictatorship as what they had condemned about Barisan.

Dog piss them ~..~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Joke of today ..country laughingstock ~..~

by { JP }

i walked into the state council building tend to make a complaint about drain malfunction in a housing area...

1. I checked with reception counter which way to proceed to?

2. after able to the right counter, then take a number at the room. ...WAIT

3. number call me, a form passed to me.

4. Fill up the form..

5. pass back to the counter..WAIT

6. NO go toilet

7. number call me again, questionnaires about my right address.

"NOT staying there?" a lazy look officer asked,

I answered, "NO"

...lazy officer look at me like throwing this word to me (go fuck yourself)

8. get a resident staying there to come again,

...repeat the same steps from 1 to 7.

9. questionnaires again>

"Still staying there ?"


"what to complain?"

"dirty drain..mosquitoes alot"

"WAIT." calling to some other people
"ok, you go and see this officer at 2nd floor"

10. WAIT at second floor doorstep......WAIT!.. NO go toilet

11. officer call me in

12. repeat question again...

13. "YES" "YES" "YES" all answered correctly,

14. "sign here again"

"WHY ?" ~t~a~k~u~t-

15 signed

16 ..WAIT

17. get a copy of my complaint reference

18. "we will go to your house"
(~t~a~~k~u~t~)(i just want to make complaint but don't disturb my house)

19. riding on tiger's back now, can not jump down now, so just WAIT

20. WAIT ..

21. Officer come visit. nobody at home. all go work, not back yet.

They no call(fuck) me, they just go.

22. WAIT...many days. thought nobody come. again called...

23. pass line ...WAIT

24. pass line again..WAIT. no go pee

25. tutu..tutu....passing line

26. "officer vacation not back yet" ,
"call another week"

27. get dying already ?



(above all were actually my daydream imigination after i'd thrown tonnes of kind-NOTICE to our beloved YB about his constutuency being complained on drain failure issue)
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

undi PKR...ini-lah ko-rang dapat !!!

by { JP }

undi-lah PKR

.... dan bersedia-lah dapat ini >>>

{Located at these roads..(in front of single storey linked house)}

klik link di bawah untok manyak lagi akibat-akibat PKR menang !!!


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