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Monday, August 9, 2010

If PKR's elected reps sleep, COMPLAIN-lah to Anwar Ibrahim!!

by JP

This is how PKR's work..

Since the Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, ADUN Tmn Sri Andalas and EXCO member of Selangor state government, stands ignore and arrogant against public complaint, I decided to let his boss know about his incompetency. Like little boy being nasty, normally auntie will threat by saying "i will tell your mama".
OK., here is the story...

Yesterday at about 8:06am, I tweet YB DS Anwar Ibrahim
Xavier Jayakumar reply a tweet to me in less than
30minutes right after my tweet to YB DS Anwar Ibrahim, a tremendous improvement compares to his ignore on "gaji buta" issue for almost 1 year (450,000minutes)!
I started to blog about his constituents issues on
July 02,2009 - click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. and I had created a discussion group - [say NO to "gaji buta" ADUN & MP] in facebook to give him more pressure for doing right - serve Rakyat. With extremely well growing in membership
[Say NO to "gaji-buta" ADUN & MP] hits its 500 members within 2 months, and still growing with 1000members within 6months. But seems all worthless due for this PKR's is still on his comfortably seat, with occasionally open house here - kenduri there but nothing obvious seen to be done to solve the complaint! And worst, not even a single reply we seen from his genuine heart to help up his own constituents!!
And now, with a surprised! (He might had just got a knock from his boss, YB DS Anwar Ibrahim, who also holds a sustain position in Selangor state government) Dr Xavier Jayakumar finally reply!

I can smell fishy in his invitation, don't you?
I decide to keep my blogging identification as anonymous for many reasons but not to elaborate here. Besides, he knows the issue well. The issue had noticed thousands of people, its quite weird and unbelievable if he tells me that he unaware of it!

but still, i try to be good-hearted to remind him,

and this,

this too,

and this,

Right after i tweet him on the above, you know what happen ?
HE BLOCK ME OUT from following his tweet. wakakakakkakakak! He acts very immature not more than a kid, "Wa tak mau campur lu main!" wakakakkaakka.
See how they react ? how they react against public complaint? and they keep on saying that they serve Rakyat, but this ....?? what a big joke and joker in political party!

So, now I know how it goes - if any of PKR's elected reps not working properly, COMPLAIN-LAH to its mastermind - the genius, YB DS Anwar Ibrahim! But don't put a high hope, at the end of the day your complaint might not be solved as well. do you believe ?


Anonymous said...

thats why u undilah keadilan. Demi tipu..tipu..dan tipu rakyat.

CT Wong

KK Lee said...

Bro, lucky you didnt go. they really got gun !!

Anwar bodyguard outshone gun.
Read more HERE

Talib said...

Dia nak pancing kau pergi jumpaan dan kasi kau-kau !!

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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