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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The AS Ministers - Sex House

by { JP }

This country will soon raise up with AS Ministers ... (if my analytical is correct)

The shortform word {AS} could be misinterpreted by some as "Amerika Syarikat" (United State in Malay translation). Perhaps we could really read it as "Amerika Syarikat" (AS). The 916 Anwar 's topple plan had failed out but in particularly if we meant it didn't materialise on that given date. But we all know this great man named Anwar Ibrahim would never never give up his great ambition to grab for the the "Dragon Seat" in Putra Jaya ! When time comes, and if his plan work out as his will, then he should one day become this country Prime Minister. I am NOT here talking about whether he shall be the 6th or 7th PM who come after Najib, but I am here to note down the most important part where sometimes we might have forgotten !

Well paid by AS
The other great man in this country is the unforgettable Tun Dr. Mahathir who fought and declined the input of AS funds which tended to "conquer" this country ! In 1998 when most of us (born in the 70s) faced the first economy crisis in our lifetime, Tun Dr Mahathir was the one who hardly declined any "helping" funds from United States especially from the one named Soros. Look at our neighbour country now, they got helps from United's but their women became maids in this country and worst men became robbers (ok, not all of them)! Many of our houses had been robbed by these transformers and many homes had been destructed due to robbery ! Its hard word here to the foreigners; but try imaging if those day Tun Dr Mahathir agreed to allow the "dog-helping" hands from United's, then we could be the dogs getting these fucking words !

I hearsay that Anwar got well paid by United's many years ago... but no evidences, not any fucking proof to show him getting the pays...so I just keep quite. And in the last general election, like many of you voted him to look out for a change for this said corrupted government ! Fucking Idiot! Stupid !! What do we get now ? Except for those stay in Penang, have we seen any change now? And you still saying that "keep patient", "Fuck you ! " I'm roaring ! and repeating over and over again to the fanatically idiots! The chaos and kiosks we are seeing now instead of hard effort fighting for recession, we - the one who voted for Pakatan asked for it !

Penangites should cheered the less tension moment, at least. Due to the DAP is not the PKR who holding the Chief Minister post!
The DAP will NEver be the same as PKR, at least as what we've seen at this moment. Except the "Lazy" fucker who once created internal conflict with his own party members ! The PKR would never be as DAP as WELL !

Within these few days, I just got more statistics showing that Anwar was getting very well paid by Soros ! Link to [Kumpulan aktivis hak asasi Australia] and here to find out. And still, some of the fanatics around will saying that is an Anti-Anwar website !! Judge your own, bros. Fact is fact, when things goes against you, you said its anti-X X X, anti-o o o, anti-niamah fu-luct !!

VTTI Very Tough & Tension In-moral
If that facts are truth, then its could given another strong reason to why Anwar acted terribly mistake when the poor poor Perak state and MB Nizar was toppled by Barisan Nasional !
When a person could never cool down himself in making good analytical, he surely made wrong decision. Toughing times as [phones ringing, emails, faxes, voice-transmitting through right-hand-men keep on making him like drilling hole at floor !] Tensions arisen made him lost his talented judgement and leading to the falls of PAS-DAP-PKR Pakatan government in Perak !

weird ? my title here halfly sounded for sex topic (or Elizabeth Wong 's, again? NO!) but nothing about sex talks so far finished here; except the words "fucking" and "fucking" ...
just wait, "keep patient" and don't fuck cause you had asked me to keep patient for the whole fucking year! just wait ....

.....to be continued


Anonymous said...

You're an asshole! The most stupid article I've read! Get a real life instead of being obsessed with sex as the Malay men in UMNO! Including raping and murdering them, like towards unfortunate Altantuya or peeping into women's bedroom like greedy Khir Toyo Nazi there! Sick perverts! By the way, Iw as born a Malay - but now PROUD TO BE A CHRISTIAN! Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman), Germany.

Anonymous said...

This writer has nothing to offer but a "Fuck-Head"

Anonymous said...

marah nye...tak habis sekolah ke?

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