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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Malaysiakini - The PLOT

by { JP }

This is the sad moment for the PKR and Chelsea Fans..

With abandon the uprising nude photos which are going to be distributed soon (as according to Malaysiakini - Manadarin version), I am absolutely disagreed with neither intention nor tendering of resignation of the spoted one - Elizabeth Wong. Although I am neither the one permitting for her resignation's tender nor the one
standing by her. And even many readers of this blog [JP-the 3rd PARTY] still perceiving that I am anti-Anwarism, I' still have to put my strong request, advice or persuade to YB Elizabeth Wong not to tender her resignation in whatsoever happened or happening soon.

I've known from Malaysiakini that YB Wong was graduated from an Aussie University. Well! I got an opportunity of full supporting from my family to further my study in Australia too but I had jeopardised it myself ten years back!..Nothing to story more than this about me here, let me tell you a story that may comfort you, or at least making it as a lighting in your dark room now...

Many years ago when I worked with a syndicate, I had a chance to go undercovered job in a football club (not to mention the Country here) and the club named PineKnightRussian-Chelsea Footballic Club (PKRChelseaFC). (NOTE: PKRChelsea - a footballic club which its main stakeholder was Pine and Knight brother, and the club had been sold to Russian recently)

I worked as a guidance to the Club's players. My main job function for the Club was to guide my assigned one player in his way impressing to fans and public. But most of the time I carried out job which included assisting them in clearing their hair left in hotel beds and cleaning their scoring-boots !

It was the Boxing Day when my club thrashing another giant-Arsenal 4-1 to topseat at the Premiership Table then. Traditionally, ranking at the Premiership Table on Boxing Day reflecting fortune of a club which bringing signs of success or fail at the end of season. Most of the time, any club which falls at the bottom of the table will delegated to lower league whilst a leading club on Boxing Day will definately having great chance to be the Champion end of the season.

.....to be continued

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