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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pakatan, O.K. ! 收工 ~


It's quite amusing while seeing most of us ( I mean mostly those who critised their most against the cow-minister aka opposition ie Ke-X-DIL(烂), Tony the YB and other fanatic-farkatan-fans, farkatan paywhore ie Facebook's group pages administrators etc.) are overwhelmed by the charges against the HUSBAND of the cow-minister.
Yes, it is the HUSBAND but not the cow-minister !!

I believe these bunch of criticizers aka whistlerblowers will hands off right at this point and 'yum-seng' (饮胜, Cantonese word. Means Cheers for victory) after the announcement of prosecution.

Prosecution negotiation or sympathy should NEVER become a barrier in combating against corruption.

Now, the point is, are these bunch of oppositions aka criticizers are sincerity in fight for corruption or they were all the while just wanted to dig rival's political-grave by revealing fault-play by the ruling alliance ?
RPK's recently ranted his pathetic situation in his blog:
You say that the reason we want BN out is because they are corrupted. Malays can buy that. Not all Malays condone corruption. But when I expose just one or two cases of abuse of power involving Pakatan Rakyat (amidst the hundreds of cases I have exposed involving BN) you curse me and call me names and allege that I have been bought, have sold out, am working for Umno, and whatnot. You then argue that we must accept a bit of corruption from the opposition for the sake of ABU.

The way the Malays interpret this is that you are not sincere about eradicating corruption. You are just using this as an excuse to justify kicking out Umno. If the opposition perpetuates corruption you are prepared to ‘close both eyes’ for the sake of ABU. In fact, you will curse the person who reveals corruption in the opposition.

So why do you want ABU then? Is it to eradicate corruption? The way the Malays see it, it is to eradicate Malay political power. And that would be even more reason to keep Umno in power. !!!

Nobody will deny ability of Pakatan to fight against corruption, the point is whether they are sincerity to do so or just use this grand slogan to toast themselves for grabbing the dragon-seat !!

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