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Monday, January 3, 2011

DAP Slam: NOT an Ostrich !!!

by { JP }

The Delighted Birthday's Present

I just received an email from my insider. It was an opinion article published in a nation daily news - The SinChew, with DAP National Vice Chairman clearly slap onto mindlessness act of Pakatan's face !!

I was extremely delighted after I read through the whole article (with my poor engrand level and pinching my Oxford Dictionary).

While I'm still depressed with the moron act of PKR 's Selangor state government to ban the 1Malaysia logo, the DAP Vice Chairman's article I digested finally flash dew on my face!

The Moment

Last week I'd published an article with implicating my worry and concern on social politic right after a PKR leader - (Ms/Puan?) Eli Wong criticised and publicly slam DAP of installation a political means logo in DAP Rocket Cafe located at SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Click onto the pix shown at right-hand side or HERE to enlarge on what I wrote.

With my heart still pumping at 80 tps, but counting on DAP to clear my doubt, finally.....and significantly the Tunku's statement delighted me. I'd concluded the Tunku's says as following (in my poor engrand level perception),

1. A SMS sent to Tunku 's mobile with alluded the fact that PKR lead Selangor state Government is complying with double standard.

2. PKR lead state Government is mindlessness, absurdity, childish, rash, immature and hypocrisy.
The PKR lead state Government should have think of more important issues to do for the sake of the people of Selangor.

3. Tunku was doubt on Pakatan capability to rule the federal government of Malaysia.
"They (PKR?/Pakatan) would have to be more savvy and sensible before they (PKR?/Pakatan) would get my vote of confidence.
I should be careless in the extreme if I did not consider hedging my bets."

4. Pakatan follower = imbecilic, a foaming at the mouth, saliva dripping, bulging eyed, raving demagogue !

5. Finally, he emphasized that the PKR lead Selangor state executive council (EXCO) ought to be taught with good lesson and common sense!
"The Pakatan Rakyat leaders have their job cut out for them – like knocking a modicum of common sense into some of their colleagues in the Selangor state executive council"

He also stated that the PKR Leadership Election is a very ugly public exhibition of unremitting internal squabbles!

Wonderful and highly appreciate to Y Bhg. Tunku Abdul Aziz for his well response to PKR's moron act and the Sinchew group for publishing this news without political bias. ( As I have to grab it rash for my birthday gift as presented to all Malaysians).

The Doubt

Should I buy on Tunku's says ... ?


Wah Lau Eh said...

PKR is damn so ugly, until the old chap DAP's also 'beh tahan' to slap their face !!

Cakap Saja said...

PKR all d while juz thinkn of power, never care bout the people voted them!

PKR suck, they deserved to be caned on their ass!

Well response, Tunku.

David S. said...

DAP is sincerely helping her constituents folks; whilst in the hand, we are seeing the PKR attitude of governance is more like suicidal.

At the end, the DAP will sacrifice as collateral damage !!

अत: क्या said...

aiyohyoh, ni PKR memang kantoi punya. Mintak die orang tolong bersihkan kawesen sekitaran, macem mao lutut pon tak gi tengokkan.

Die ni oreng mane ade kerja punya, gaji ambit saje.

Nanti pilihanraya, kalo boleh, mintak tokar orang DAP turun mari kawasen pak tanding, boleh ?

Susan Rouse said...

JP (datokphoon@yahoo.com),

You are brilliant.

You drill up the PKR shortcomings to the level in depth, even though with their jackals keep on barking and threatening; with your consistency to enlighten the nation, you should be blessed for your good-hearted and conscience.

You are having a wide vision to foresee the happenings, with that I believe you will able bring up more failures of PKR for the sake of themselves too - to fine tune them.

God bless for your good instinct.

Anonymous said...

apa macam, sekolah tak habis ke. English tak bagus jangan tulis banyak banyak nanti orang mangantuk tahu?

Bodoh punya orang, pilih lah arm-NO yang akan korekkan kamu.

siapa? bukan kawan-lah

Hamidon Hamsah said...

Hi,JP. I have followed your blog since you blogged about petrol hike.

It should be forgiveness for all those four letters word used in your blog in the previous days when you was totally upset with the government to hike up the petrol price to an unreasonable level.

The second stage of your blog was touching mostly on PKR's shortcomings; where you started to condemn about failure to response of a PKR state legislative assemblyman. That had brought up a lot of squabbles amongst PKR supporters and your blogsphere fans here.
You might just have became totally upset again with condemnations, harassment and threats for drilling PKR's shortcomings. Further with their immature, imbecilic, absurdity and rash act to humiliate you, and saliva dripping trying to drown you for stop writing, you had stop writing for almost half year.

Well done, JP. Now, you are back to write again, with a more mature and resistantly fearless writing skill to unveil the other dark side of story which is being covered up often by certain groups.
These groups are being not just reluctantly to work on their line but indeed continuing with their mindlessness and hypocrisy way to sweet talk with the nation of their grand but forlorn vision.
They are are uneasy with your writing again and for sure they will backfire against you.
So, get yourself ready well.

For instant, you might need a strong backup for that. My suggestion to you is join a political party (of course their rival), then you'll be totally set free to write on more!

Aid de Camp for the great-one

Anonymous said...

This blog is really amusing. After I finish to read up, I realised that this writer also a joker.

How come the Tunku Aziz's statement became his gift ? Who he think he is ?

(nobody TIUP)

atom nono said...

JP, i think you deserve for an apology from PKR supporters from your continuously fine tuning on them.

Don't give up, some of them still sleep comfortably. Keep on wake them up ^!^

Anonymous said...

hey 3rd party, what do you get from keeping on writing about PKR ? How much they pay you ? Useless if you keep on talking for your own pleasure but without getting anything. sigh.

Get on with your life...

L. Anthony

Duzzun Peraz said...

Should you buy his ideal condemnation ? .....
Um....that's what he want with writing such a scoring article, right ? His motive of writing that statement was obvious, the voters like your type (being 50-50) will buy his idea absolutely.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ David S. (commentator on January 3, 2011 8:25 AM),

I'm afraid so. Worst if DAP still believe that the PKR will help them cross the line to another peak. The DAP will definitely drown together while people already start antipathy and scandlize PKR.

The better solution for the Pakatan now is dissolve the Selangor state legislative assembly and oust those irresponsible, arrogant, selfish, mindlessness, absurdity, childish, rash, gangsterism assemblymen and sleeping inhabitants. Change them with those good-hearted, responsible and hardworking candidates.

We hope, and still with hope to see the change.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ अत: क्या (Commentator on January 3, 2011 8:54 AM),

aiyoyo, siapa tu ADUN kawasan anda ? Minta tolongnya enggan bantu kah ?

Jom! join [say NO to gaji buta ADUN & MP] group dengan mengalirkan isu itu kepada rangkaian lebih ramai orang. Bagilah tekanan gerakkan yang tidur tu.

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Terima Kasih

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

For those who have facing any constrained moment dealing with state legislative assemblymen (ADUN) or member of parliament (MP), you are most welcome to join our group,

))))) Make it LOUDER (((((

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Together, we make a change ^..^

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ Susan Rouse (Commentator on January 3, 2011 9:22 AM),

Very much appreciate for your well compliment.

In fact, it is their duty to fine tune their own political party. Me as an ordinary citizen and voter do not wish for a ruling coalition in-waiting being derailed and deviated.

God bless you too.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ Anonymous (Commentator on January 3, 2011 11:04 AM),

Thank you for your comment and critics here.

Yes! I agreed with your critics that my Engrand is damned poor.
Work in progress.

(p/s: If you are figuring out whether I will vote "arm-NO", you shall able to find a hint here in my profile @
Blogger Profile

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ L. Anthony (Commentator on January 3, 2011 4:03 PM),

Hi Anthony. I might know you as one of the "loyalty" follower of my blog.

I'm getting on with my life, do you ?

I do not find it's useless to write here. It's one of my hobby and learning path for me to improve my damned poor Engrand.
The most I cheered with writing is when I'm seeing my writing turns into some impacts to some deviated politicians.(..this could be as something I get from writing here)

"How much they pay you"
Well, Anthony. Who are "they" ? Your term of "they" here imply to "your party" rival ? So, you tell me, how much then "your party" paying you to humiliate me for stop my rights of writing as my hobby ?
Let me be gentleman here, I give you my answer. If the "they" means "your party" rival, - [NO] is my answer.
Try think logically, would "they" pay a kindergarden Engrand level like me to write "your party" shortcomings" ? "They" pay me nothing for writing such. And I will continue writing on such shortcomings with you continuously "encouragement" here.

Very much "thank you"

Anonymous said...

hi jeff, good effort! continue your finding!

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

Bookmark this page !!
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