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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MCA Backfire Against Absurdity & Rash ADUN !!

(March 5, 2011)
The Selangor state opposition assemblyman ADUN, Y.B. Yap Ee Wah (Sungei Pelek) condemned Y.B. Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku ADUN, N35 - assemblyman from ruling coalition of state government) early today.


Yap condemned Lau of lying to the nation with alluding opposition party in the state - MCA & UMNO lazy to attend state legislation assembly.
He urged Lau to show attendance record to prove his allegation.

Early this week, (according to a web-news portal) Lau politicked sarcastic MCA as an ultra-lousy opposition party in Selangor state.



To be frankly to my readers here, I am a Chinese and my political party preference is – 1. DAP & Gerakan 3. PAS 4. MCA and 5. (the worst) PKR. This Lau who is wearing DAP tag could have made himself ball-crabbed with his absurdity and rash statement which criticised others if without any solid proven record.

Let me show you some facts here:
According to a pro-Pakatan news portal end of last year, Nov15 2010, the state assembly meeting record showed a meeting had be to adjourned due to insufficient attendance!!

There were only 3 EXCO and 10 Pakatan (ruling coalition) assemblymen in the hall.
So, my question is very simple –
Where were the twenty over other Pakatan ‘s assemblymen ?"

Lau! Please don’t make yourself portrayed as an idiot and becomes real shame of DAP!!! Go educate (equipped) yourself well. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

haha. He is one-term ADUN for sure.

An idiot scolded the other idiot ! haha

Uncle Chin

Anonymous said...

did he serves his own area ?
come on. do the right thing first before criticised other.

Jenny Toh

Anonymous said...

This moron is trying his very lousy hard to climb up to be an EXCO in the state government. So, we all will have to suffer our ear hearing nonsense and damn idiot statement from him in these coming days.
He thought nobody remember that he was once Ronnie's machai. His CIFU was in damn terrible ball-crab now. With the recent state government in dilemma to change their EXCO line-up, the Ronnie is 'blowing' up his machai to take-over his grant 'territory' from him; so that he will enjoy following benefits as what he 'entitled' now.

A lousy machai to replace his 'great' taiko, what's hope for the state ?


David S. said...

no more hope liao. Bn like that; now pakatan also like this.

Sukri said...

lanjiao punya yabg bodoh ni.
Tengok muka dia, banyak lansi sudah tahu apa jenis bangsat ini.

S.Talib said...

"Dia usah cakap pasal rasuah; dia-lah papak segalanya rasuah !!!"


Alice Chan said...

my mom always tells me, "if you dont have such a big head, dont wear a big hat."

For those graduate whom they thought being a lawmaker is a just piece of veg, better get a mirror to comb their hair before showing awful look.

Anonymous said...

Off course he makes lots of noises recently.
He is being taught and planted to substitute his master.

Once if reshuffling of the state cabinet done, both of them still comfortably shake and sleep well.


[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

@ Alice Chan (Commentator on March 6, 2011 3:15 AM),

Thank you for a humor comment up there.

It really click-a-thought when I just browsed his pix again -
He has a big head indeed, that's why Lim's might thought that he is capable (to wear a big hat).

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the facts directed to educate idiotic A.D.U.N.s regardless of which side they are from(even though I'm pro BN)......

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