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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road to HOL LANT (colony) : B2009 RevisED

by Jeff Phoon

Echoing of my article [MOUSETRAP to the new POWER : B2009] being linked by Malaysiakini (malaysiakini.com) yesterday, and viewed by more than hundreds of readers; and immediately [Anwar promises new and better Budget] as reported by malaysiakin.com responsibly.

My first article review on this recent B2009 was:

1. no "SWEETS", only "CANDY PAPER" given : Budget 2009 REVIEW (part1)

secondly with

2. no "SWEETS", only "CANDY PAPER" given : Budget 2009 REVIEW (part 2)

and finally this

3. MOUSETRAP to the new POWER : Budget 2009 review

Over my reviews above, I've touched majorly in these issue:

* PERSONAL INCOME TAX - which showed the fairness (or maybe NOT) against both lower income group and highest income group;

* PUBLIC TRANSPORT - which showed the current government's lofty aspirations in creating a more efficient, reliable and integrated public transportation; where most of us doubt on their ability in which even they were not able to just pasted more signage diagram at public transportation stations, as what I had slammed in my article : [ Do this also they CAN NOT! ] !

So, the simple things also they were not able to do perfectly, how can we expect them to wide-up the RM35 billion allocation ?!

* Excise Duty - which showed the increment on cigarettes, but ZERO increment for alcoholic and ZERO increment for gambling sector !?

* Eductaion - which showed RM31 billion allocated for educating our children; but little effort focusing in developing more employments !?

Eventually, Anwar said that he would unveil a new Budget if his Pakatan Rakyat managed to take over government by its self-imposed deadline of Sept 16 as reported by Malaysiakini 's Beh Lih Yi Sep 2, 08 12:15pm.

So, we are curious that the new Budget would be a really CARING for Rakyat or CARING for Government budget ? (the current budget themed [ A Caring Government ], isn't short of one missing word ?)

And we hearfully hope that the new power (if yet to come), will not drop to the mousetrap and drawn us to HOL LANT~ ~

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