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Sunday, August 31, 2008

MOUSETRAP to the new POWER : Budget 2009 review

NO "sweets", ONLY "candy paper" Given (part 3)
by Jeff Phoon

I had read an article in another blog [cowboy98] written about the which version of the recent [Budget 2009] Pak Lah will use in related with his "nightmare" on defection against his BN.

Many might have felt that this time Abdullah is fully confident with his BN where Anwar will NOT grab sufficient number of MPs to cross-over in defecting against him and forming a new power in favour to Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat.

That's the obvious factor showed when Abdullah selected the "moderate" version (if yes he created 2 versions of Budget).

Actually if we really look deeply into this budget, it had set out lots of [lock] !

Where if there is any extra allocation for a certain part then it will trap you down !
To definately make you extremely hard to increase the allocation, which he had put in [lock] there if you really study on it!

Any extra allocation = means more on the deficit !

So, when there is going to be any new POWER slop in, it's extremely hard for them to revised and giving more to the "Rakyat" !

It's just like a mousetrap !!

And when there are more deficit, then the country will have to take on debts,

now you get the point ?

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