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Friday, May 21, 2010

If I knEw he is so like that, I won't vote for him ..

by { JP }

Right before the Hulu Selangor by-election, one of Anwar's right-hand man, Sim Tze Tzin, also the ADUN for Penang state assembly, request to add me as 'friend' in Facebook.

I was no surprised but intend to reveal his actual mean behind his suspicious movement. Due to my 'boombastic' non-stoping and 'never give-up' spirit to unveil imcompentency, arrogant and ignorancy on public complaint of the Parti KeADILan Rakyat's law-makers, few of Anwar's aide de camp moron assistants (or fanatics) have trying to track me down in the past few months.
I was not surprised this YB (Yang Berhormat) or "Yang Badut ?" was just another fly! They had trying to send 'careless-fail' to track me. Ok! now this is the higher-ranking in the party. He was one of Anwar's bulldogs when 'reformasi' time and one of few Chineses who're very close to Anwar. ~..geli~..

After I got to know about his request to add me as 'friend' in Facebook, I somehow dragged him into my quest by asking him "Why adding me ?" although I'd known his answer given could be a rhetoric one.

so, he answered "we uphold democratic principles. Even you may be wrong, i will defend your rights to speak..." see how rhetoric one. And trying to comfort me by saying this "We can exchange ideas," and lastly this "no worries"

So, his points were:
1. They (PKR 's ?) uphold democratic principles;

2. He will defend our (Rakyat) rights to speak;

3. Encouraging us to exchange ideas;

4. no worries (NO FEAR ?).

ok..great one then.

Then after the PKR had defeated shamefully in the HS by-election, I pin-pointed out their weakness with these:

{{ would the rakyat vote for this type of selfish political where they will :
no.1 do every efforts to shut you up for making complaint;
no.2 humiliating you;
no.3 threathen to "pecah lo kepala" !! ???
>> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-do-you-really-care-for.html
and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/alarm-to-dr-xavier-adun-exco-of_20.html
and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/10/pakatan-rakyat-able-to-crackdwon.html
and finally this >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-jp-complete-version_17.html

His response to this was unexpected and unmatching with his covered-image (a high educated, well-thinker and polite-look Master degree holder law-maker) which totally tarnished by deleting me from adding suggestion in his Facebook comment section! Haha! childish, dragged him!

Besides, recently I read about other 'Rakyat' s comment about him in Facebook >>

These show how they practise [[uphold democratic principles]], [[encouraging people to exchange ideas]] and see how another one of his moron comrade-PKR ADUN Perak- Chang Lih Kang slapped their own faces by killing 'Rakyat' rights to speak >>
they even tried of using others (fanatic) to humiliate 'Rakyat' when they heard unfavorable voices.

They'll treat each commentator who giving unfavorable opinion is pro-UMNO or pro-BN.

Now we know, they can't be condemned. They are great. They never do anything wrong. Don't ever try to piss on them, they will revenge !! This sounded like dictatorship as what they had condemned about Barisan.

Dog piss them ~..~


Anonymous said...

Few months ago, I brought my auntie to meet her constituency ADUN to complain against an councilor's rudeness.

When we reached at the ADUN office, the ADUN we meet showed us even more rudeness face. He said "Auntie, now we got more Chinese law-maker oredi. This small matter no need complain. Save your time and spare it for your grandchildren la. Go home"


Anonymous said...

Rakyat vote for change. Change brings hope for a better Malaysia.

Give them time to improve.

Forgive about their immature behaviour.

Grow them up and make them 'stim' if their master never 'stim-coat'them.

After all, if they being stubborn and showing no intention to improve, then people will spit onto them!


Shamsul Talib said...

People just wondering whether the initial spark to form up Keadilan was to revenge against somebody.

No doubt, Keadilan is a party full with hypocrites; but with the anger and dissatisfaction against Barisan, Keadilan pouring out like a second lover to Rakyat.

Let's see if the Barisan Chairman able to countermeasure and freshing the alliance in the coming GE. If fail, simply means that we are going to live under hypocrites, jokers, ex-criminal and most seriously incompetent governance.

Chow MK said...

Most of PKR members are garbage of UMNO.
But I just can't figure out why Chinese still stumble andd stump their head into the muddy path.
Streets are full with gays, junkie and conmen.

This bundle of politicians always covered themselves with angel-face by saying that they combat against corruption. Off course without corruption, country able to developed well. But Chinese never thought that character of lawmakers always determine competency of a government.

In fact, we all Chinese and with the minority of Indian should always deny hypocrite and con-cunning politician !

Asia said...

Which bastard said that our service centre BUKAK IKUT SUKA HATI ? Kanina !!!!! I am the one who is taking care of the centre...sharp 9am we r open and ready to serve the public.......if got balls ask the bastards to call me, my number is on the signboard outside the centre...diu !!!!! tarak otak punya orang....puihhh !!!!! [Rajesh Kumar, the staff in charge of Chang Lih Kang's service centre]

Ada bola ke untuk call Rajesh Kumar?

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