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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anwar did it then and PKR do it now

In 1997, Anwar instructed the Penang government to defer taking legal action against a shipping company. (according to http://www.nst.com.my/Wednesday/National/2326493/Article/index_html)

Former Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon said Anwar, who was then deputy PM, telephoned him to negotiate a new repayment scheme with Business Focus, formerly owned by Tan Sri Amin Shah Omar Shah, who is the elder brother of Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah - the BN's candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Arif had never been a director or shareholder of Business Focus.

"I received a phone call from Anwar, asking me not to proceed with the legal action against Business Focus Sdn Bhd," Koh said. Speaking at a hotel here, Koh said Business Focus was then given an additional six years to repay its loan.

The Penang Development Corporation (PDC) had sold shares in its subsidiary, Penang Shipbuilding Corporation Sdn Bhd, to Business Focus for RM29 million in 1992.

"They repaid their loan progressively and we collected about RM20 million until the final RM9 million payment when they defaulted in 2003. As a result, we proceeded with legal action."Koh, who was also the PDC chairman then.

No big deal, this was Anwar's past tense. People use to be forgetful and being forgiveness.

"he have changes a lot after jailed..."

"no problem, he will still be the PM. or you still seeing the ex-prisoner being the CM now..."

These is the our "instinct". We will forgive one person if he is capable and really change to be good. And we will forget his pass pass whatever he did!

And I still did't get shocked when I was reliable hearsay that 2 PKR members who're holding Perak state's exco post being detained by ACA for alleged graft, involving a housing project worth RM180mil today. The things which didn't shocked me is that some people said,

"that was his [ma-chai], not him..."

"what's related with Anwar?..."

see, no big deal!

1992 - RM29 mil; 2008 - RM180mil. proof anything here?

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