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Sunday, August 24, 2008

BN 's or PR 's : yoU been Labelled

by Jeff Phoon

If a person do not support Pakatan Rakyat, what do we call him (or her) ?

"He is a Barisan Nasional 's supporter."

This could be a majority answer for a person who do not support Pakatan Rakyat. Majority of the people around will categorise that person as a BN's supporter, and label him as [BN's] !?

I'm just wondering since when that this country had enacted a law stated that { since the first day a child born, he will be labelled either as [BN's] or [PR's] } ?!

So, why can't we just have few more groups of people whom they are neither [BN's] nor [PR's] ?

"He had supported PR because he was totally upset with his then situation where BN ruled the federal government; but he is not support PR now due to he has been revealed about dark-side of the mainstream power in the Pakatan - PKR,"
"so we can't simply label him as a [BN's], he is not support BN too"

I'm also wondering why Dr. Koh (PGRM acting-Head), who in his recent speech expressed his party's dilemma whether to pull-out his party from BN and joining PR; and a NTV 7 had hold a vote option for audience to vote either :-

[1. PGRM stay with BN] or

[2. PGRM pull-out from BN and join PR]
Why can't they think of a third option, where [pull-out from BN but NOT joining PR] ?!

Yes, talk is easy but when come to reality expecially for political party, it's damm hard for them to truly sacrifice their interests (seat=power, post=money) and purely think of people's interests.

Yes, this could be extremely impossible happened in any political party!
But we as no-party interest have the Rights to choose NOT to support [BN], [PR] or any other party! And we won't labelled either as [BN's] or [PR's]!!

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