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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pakatan, Cry or Action ?

by JP

(Below is an open-letter to ease a respectful YB's moaning in his Facebook recently)

Yang BerHORMAT Manoharan Malayalam,

Since the first day you released from the cruel detention and reinstated back to your YB seat, I know from my good instinct that your are conscience and decent man.
I believe me, and the fellow of your constituents here will agree that rocket(s) always stand as a precious bridge for (opposition) supporters to rant and vent unhappiness with the governance, which for Selangor state, the Pakatan Rakyat (a PKR-led state government, for more precise), here.
The flood issue in this time considered another nature environmental 'fate' (phenomenon) which this reason should be pleased by most Pakatan' (PKR for more precise) supporters. I won't deny that it was of course another 'fate' to test our man-kind the ability to adapt, where most of us have use to live in this unfortunate environment for almost 30 or 40 years, which of course during the BN governance.
The ultimate question or the point of my two penny here is : Is flood avoidable ? Forgive me for my poor vocabulary or grammar here, or maybe I should ask :
Is there any preventative method against flood ?

Well, the answers for my question is very obvious and you even able to find 24,400,000 results while you google it !!
Yes! It got more than tens millions of answers while of course some are craps which I won’t deny in that particular search. This is not what I'm going to elaborate here when most of you in the corridor of power should knew better and more knowledgeable than me with expertise serve with the government.

Yes, I won’t deny a fact that the BN had ruled the Selangor state governance for half a century.
Back in 70s before the Kuala Lumpur detached and formed its own Wilayah Persekutuan territory, the Selangorian already suffered the bitterness of flood. I won’t deny too while most of us supported Pakatan (Rocket, PKR or PAS) in the last election not just only due by this Mickey-mouse reason but to hope for a [better Malaysia] which is a more grand ambition, in term.

I have to bend kick (which means not gonna to smash your scrotum) your comrades especially KeADILan (PKR)’s people elected assemblymen (ADUN) and its imbecilic, a foaming at the mouth, saliva dripping, bulging eyed, raving demagogue supporters in my following words here.

On 3rd of July 2009, I had started to alert
one of your rocket comrades – Charles Santiago about the clogging drains or drainage system failure.
Read detail in here

Of course most of you will argued that he is not an state assemblyman but a member of parliament who holds extremely high-hell responsibilities ie. country’s matter.
Following his aide camp/assistant 's rudeness attempt to off-the-crab, they directed me to complain to the righteous assemblyman in that constituency – Pencabut Gigi (Dentist) Xavier Jayakumar (ADUN Taman Sri Andalas).

I did recorded down the scenario which described in detail in the following diary of mine:
Despite tonnes of complaints, they still keep ignore & deaf -

They won't care whether people dying or not. It's shows that KeXDILan is selfish & incompetency governance -
They might even sent their jackals to harass the complainer -
And they keep on saying that they fight against corruption in every ceramahs (rhetoric speeches) they go; but NOT even able to sort out their own shit at their front gate -
If we continue to talk more, the PKR will certainly cut you off -

How can they be credible representatives of the voters if they appear (perception is everything) to be intolerant of free speech?

(SO, WHERE IS THE FREEDOOM OF SPEECH AS THEIR ALWAYS UPHOLD ?!!! 4letters to them even constituents' complain also they banned !!)

But if you complain directly to KeADILan PKR mastermind - AnWar the Ibahim, that sleeping ADUN will act immediate -
No wonder the rocket's Vice Chairman - YM Tunku slam them hardly for their mindlessness, absurdity, childish, rash, immature and hypocrisy. Bravo Rocket !!-

Nobody would guarantee preventive method, of course in my slams here mostly concern on drainage system, could have sorted out the shit flood happening recently; but why don’t you all just give a damn try rather than moaning for the unfortunates and losses now ??!!!

Still feeling sad.Flood in Kota Alam Shah.I spoke on numerous occasions in the Selangor State Assembly in the past; from Nov 2009 and even in the last sitting on 22 March 2012.In my speech at the Assembly, I specifically requested the MB to use the cash reserves that we have to solve this long outstanding problem,ie the FLOOD.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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