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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat Able to Crackdwon Corruption ?

by { JP }

[Corruption], this word is being used widely in this country ever since before last general election.

This country people are haunted living in rhetoric days filled by election days held almost the whole year.
After the 308 tsunami, came the then by-election (PRK-“Piliharaya Kecil” in Bahasa Melayu) for the Permatang Pauh where the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the “Keadilan” word means justice or fairness) people “decided” to “retire” their President – Datin Seri Wan Azizah just to flat up carpet for their leader de factor – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s road to victory.
Then came the PRK Kuala Terengganu, then PRK Bukit Selambau, PRK Bukit Gantang, PRK Batang Ai and so on…….some of those seats vacated due to its origin passed away, some just because of scandals!
I’m just wondering, “Why this year got so many politicians die compared to tenure before? And leaving out so many opportunity for these bundles of hypocrites to waive on their parties’ flags on and on…?

The word [CORRUPTION] had been widely used, or spoken out by the opposition coalition – Pakatan Rakyat to “induce” votes since the days before 308. They alleged the ruling alliance in many ways. They aroused nation that people in the corridor of power swiped away billion dollars in submarine deal; some got plenty of millions projects with linking to people in the corridor of power; some able to fund up their whole family for oversea trips and so on…..but none of these proven guilty, yet!
They accused, condemned and humiliated, just for a very beautiful reason, rhetoric ones – for a better Malaysia!
Vote for them, and …we all would have a better living country sheltered under their turning-horse type umbrella.

If they had won the majority in the parliamentary seat last Election Day, they had crowned the badback guy Prime Minister. This is for sure, absolutely no argument or argues just for show. But then, who is able to guarantee that “we are having a better living country now!!” ??? Of course, this question creates lots of argument here, leave it awhile. Then think deeply, is this guy with his said so Justice’s party (which is a dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat coliation) suit to be our Prime Minister?
If they have won, they are dancing on top of the turning-horse umbrella now. This is for sure, too. They just alleged that the ruling alliance – BN should be pulled down; the UMNO is evil; the MCA is racism party; the Gerakan is non-relevant; the MIC chairman is devil and so on…. then they wear on their red underwear shouting that they are able to crack down corruption! See, how hypocrite they have being!

We must always remember this, the Anwar Ibrahim was an UMNO’s product!! If they said UMNO nowadays is different with their past, “UMNO now not good, Anwar not inside anymore; last time UMNO was [good], so Anwar was there” (who dare to say that [good] word? Not even one). Think..

Yeah! Sometimes we should be pleased that we had voted for a none-corrupted ex-Education Minister, none-corrupted ex-Deputy Prime Minister in the last Election Day; we also voted a high ambition and caliber Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with his talent and well excellent speech skill to chain him be our next Prime Minister.

(Did I said “talent” and “caliber” ? Yeah! He is so talent in arousing the nations go marching on streets to protest when they fell into unemployment. See how warming it is.)

Now comes the Bagan Pinang by-election. As you guessed, they are using the [corruption] word again!
Make no wrong guessing here, I am fully stand on PAS side even I am a Buddhist. Why? PAS is clean. Have you ever heard that PAS people corrupted? Or fault-play? Just that simple.

And here is a word for the Justice’s, “Your muddy step inside the poll will lead your counterpart losing ugly”,

And this - “How you all able to crack down corruption with your talent not even to solve a minor tiny “longkang” – drains system failure complaint?"!!!

NO more rhetoric talks, please.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ini semua tipu helah pengundi.
Pancing aje sampai sangkut, macam sampah lah buangkan sisa tinggal.

Pengundi sudah bagi mereka duduk sinang atas kerusi yang untung 30,000RM sebulan. Kerja apa lagi lebih baik daripada ini.
Dengan wang yang banyak ini dan mungkin banyak lagi kami tak tahu, mereka akan melabur. Dengan cara melabur akan jamin masa depan mereka. (memang sudah bik satu penggal aje)

Mana ada masa lagi untuk ini, untuk itu! Tak hairan lah!
Gambang sial lanak!

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