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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bukit Selambau : a by-election Anwar will lose but giving good excuses then !!

BUKIT SELAMBAU, not UMNO but anwar and his crony lost up the battle by their own hands !!
Bukit Selambau , bukit selambau , BUKIT SELAMBAU ..
Let me pick a good extract for you all today:
(in Mandarin, but you can use google to translate the whole article)

Picked from another Anwarism - Website - Malaysiakini:





在记者会上,卡莱瓦南也率领支持者高喊 “民主万岁”、“我们的大马”、“国家进步”、“人民斗争” 等口号。而宣布辞去村长职的博巴兰(S.Poobalan)也当场脱下公正党服,以象征对公正党的期盼幻灭。


他坚称,本身只会继续通过两个由他领导的非政府组织,即“大马印裔效率运动”(Gerakan Efisiensi India Malaysia)和“替代行动组”(Alternative Action Team)推动民主议程,并发誓不会加入任何国阵成员党。

(那有人浆报新闻的 ?看它以前怎样报:

...前马华中委兼妇女组署理主席陈仪乔今日率领约2000名各族人士正式加盟 (后段有说到到底来了多少人吗?- malaysiakini

如此选择性的报道,简直是在蒙蔽读者的智慧!还口喊甚麽 抗为真理,新闻言论自由? ? ? ) 读 [Malaysia party],你或许会了解为何 Malaysiakini 选择性且倾向歪曲的报道新闻!

Bukit Gantang : VOTe of Confidence to your leader - Mohd NIZAR !!

This posting is a flashback to my good instinct right after an announcement (on the 9th of February 2009, Monday) of a by-election to be held in Bukit Gantang ...

by { JP }

Pakatan: One of the Many Right Things to do now ..
Since there won’t any by-election for three of the Perak’ state assembly seats in this moment - Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang with the balls still in the judge’s leg (The Pakatan state government in Perak had filed a suit at the High Court in Ipoh to declare the Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang state seats vacant, as reported by the Malaysiakini website), and there’s no dissolution of state assembly means no flash state’s election at the time being; and people around (mostly Pakatan’s supporters) shouted out it should let mandate power back to people’s hand with having a battle to show out which party the people prefer to be their government and whom the people prefer to be their Menteri Besar - suddenly comes a vacant in Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat with the current MP pass away in the afternoon !

The Pakatan should really consider nominating the decentman- Mohd Nizar to let him a chance showing to the nation that “This is people’s will” once he won the seat !!

I personally will strongly on my stand to vote for Mohd Nizar, unfortunately my rights to vote is in Kepong's parliamentary seat but not in Perak. This is nothing confronted with my personally prejudice with Anwarism, but I’m rather to say that if there is am election between PKR against PAS, I will absolutely cast my vote to PAS ' candidate !
And don’t tell me that this is against my belief and religion (I am a Buddhist)! Nothing to do with that ! Quoted a YB Karpal's word recently “ …you DON’T play around with me!

This could be a God’s will which will let both the Pakatan and Barisan to have clear battle after the recent chaos. At least cease fire against the Royal or stop arguing on the decided Royal edict !

Show it to alls that people still with you, Pakatan !! This is the right way to showing out rather than goes hanging out at streets to protest and protest and protest and .... end up never !
-------------------------------------------- -------------
Go for a decent man =>

Vote for the good leader !!

One word for you,

"Think of never never bring along this lady's husband in this battle, and more people will vote for you !! "

try believing, to my good instinct.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

none Hypocrite vs Hypnotic

show of integrity - Nizar (respect), Elizabeth Wong (karma), Anwar , Malaysiakini
by { JP }

I have been totally fucked upside down by readers around after my posting of [The AS Ministers - Sex House].

"You are Asshole" ;

"...Nazi! Bastard hell waiting for you !!"

"Fuxk you too...idiot" and lots more....

Its seems that most of the readers still perceiving that I am anti-to-your-wat-wat-leader-de-fxoxox ! ANTI-NIAMAH FU-LUCT !!!

How much of times it will need to wake these sleeping hypnotised up ? I'm wondering what have making them thought that anything goes against their favourite (leaders), they fucked ! Any pin-point of their weakness, they fucked ! Anything not in favour to them, they fucked too! Mother Fucker...

Why don't all of them all go and fuck themselves rather than reading my piece of expression ? !! Then only come back with their sticky fingers to type on jp3rdparty.blogspot.com again with cooled down heart and digest what I've written here !

Are you a member of Barisan Nasional?
No. I am not.

Have you written anything to pursuit your readers to join Barisan Nasional ?
No! I have not.

Did you getting paid by Barisan Nasional to write these ?
No! I did not.

I am neither a member of PGRM, MCA nor any other component party of Barisan Nasional. In fact, I intended to join PKR before the last general election ! Shocked ?
Just like many of you out there, arousing aromatically actions, speeches and """ leaders encouranging us to support them ! But why I didn't join, finally ? It's very simple and sounded silly, when I called up to their Hq to get the closer area division's phone number for contacting (to join party), the arrogant answered "shit" to me ! Then I emailed to them (via their website), stood no reply after that. It's truth ! Bit of hard feeling then. Finally (but luckily for now) I did not join PKR !

Then weeks before the last election, I was still heart-string to support Pakatan coalition. This was proven when I was driving all way back from work and picking up my wife to go for the Pakatan's speech at Tmn Tun. And absolutely after lots more of their excellant speakers given their well arousen speeches, the DAP won his first time in Segambut (adjacent to Kepong)'s parliamentary seat.

What had happened after that is what we all seen now ... one day I will find a piece of time describing furthers of it.
But now the more important thing is that I had to record down what I believe.
Most of the time, things that I had analysed did come trues, its more to accuracy. And I have to put this in record as it's important to notice those sleeping inhabitants, even myself sometimes.
So don't ever call me as a "sniper" or paid-whore by Barisan Nasional, for the reason is very simple. Here you can read my simple English writings and they need no to pay for a low English literature person to write according to what they want !

And still I am not even a hyprocrite blogger, where its seems that little effort can make us extra incomes if we just write more and more favour to Pakatan and especially favour to Anwar Ibrahim. Look at ......(see how much of advertisements' earnings they're getting), they are all deifying their favourites and thus popularity created there. You think I don't aware of this ? Look at the polls bottom and its shows that majority 77% of the readers around are in favour to Anwar (a poll casted within last August and September, before 916). So, means if I have written to deify on Anwar, then this weblog should have a good chance to become popular too, and earning extra from advertisement hung out here. But I didn't ! I am not a hyprocrite!! Fact is fact. Right is right and black is always dark no matter how we mix it with other color !!

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

Bookmark this page !!
Politics like dirty trick games; politicians alike swimming with the tide ! While we are inside muddy water, it's hard to see what is surrounding us! Shark? Ghost or gold? Danger? Threat or inducement? What do we expect? As an outsider able to observe things more clearly as [ the 3rd PARTY ] !

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