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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & A Ordinary Voter .....complete version

by { Jeff }

How should I start to write this…
All this was an echo following my correspondence experiences with our beloved, voted and respectful(ED) (in bahasa - Yang pernah Berhormat) state assemblymen (ADUN - Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri). I don’t hope that any of my precious reader here to have this whenever you encounter any complaint or constrained situation where you need a favour from your voted people’s representative (so called the ADUN).

To make this short, actually it’s not, lets me brief you what was going on > > >
July 01, 2009 WED - I visited a housing area in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang.

Findings: 1. Drainage system failure; 2. High risk accidental T-junction.
I drew out a road map indicating the high risk T-Junction and wrote detail in my blog > http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/klang-tiger-mouth-swallowing-life.html with hoping to get attention and then solution from authority board.

July 03 FRI - I asked YB Charles Santiago (VOTED Member of Parliament for Klang).Besides suggested him to prevent accident in the high risk T-Junction,
In his Facebook, I wrote
{ .....
YB, one more issue:
The "longkang" drainage in Tman Seri Sentosa was cleaned out the last time before election last year.
Now its had been abandoned for whole year!
And mosquitos biten children !!
So please do something, YB. July 3 at 3:10pm • } -

July 05 SUN - YB Charles responded in his Facebook's >
{Charles Santiago
Dear Jeff -- please send me more info on the drainage situation in Taman Sri Sentosa. where specifically is the problem. July 5 at 3:42am }

With heart of grateful (way to catch solution), I replied >
Dear YB,
the longkang in front of single storey link house all blocked !
Water inside not moving..
Expecially in Lorong Dato Abdul Hamid ..
Kindly send people to check....
btw, i may able to photo shoot some photos for your reference. but if you able to take immediate action before that, so much appreciated, YB

JP July 5 at 3:48am • }

After being waited days after days and worrying about the mosquitoes growth in thousands which sting children, and there was none of any more response by YB Charles.

July 20, 2009 MON - I pasted tens of photos with each clearly showing blocked drains and with clear indication of streets’ name in a blogsite >

Further to this, I notified YB Charles (in Facebook) at the same time>
{..YB Tuan Charles,
......with according to our previous conversation onTmn Seri Sentosa issues, here is photos showing the sucked "longkang".
(anyway, only one piece of photos allowed in FB, for further more of these sucked, go to my blog at http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/)
btw, I thought you 'd already sent people to work out somethings on this, seem ... umm, photos showed. Please further your action, YB as mosquitoes multiple increased with this sick situation. Appreciate very much
. July 20 at 12:34am • }

Besides pasted photos at the blog (http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/by-jp-these-are-sick-drains-longkang-in.html) to notice YB Charles, this time I decided to call his phone to inform him verbally in order to find out why there was no response, as my worries goes on with the stinging children mosquitoes. Dengue ? H1N1 ? He cares or not ?? !
I rang to YB Charles (016-XXX 7797) at around 8pm the same few day.
A lady named herself [Sara] answered.
JP: “Hello, Is this YB Charles around?
Sara: “I am assistant to YB, Sara here
JP: “Miss, this is regarding a public concern issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang..”
(without clearly acceptance of my complaint) This quick-react lady answered: “Would you mind to call back tomorrow in the office hour? It’s after office hour already.
.....well, I intended to throw her back this (CAN I SAY I MIND)
but I didn’t and answered politely: “Thank you, Miss. Then I will call you again tomorrow.” The phone hung up!

Afternoon on the next day – I called again the 016-XXX 7797.
JP: “Regarding my yesterday call about the issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa. Drains system failure. Mosquitoes grow a lot with biting children…..”
Sara: “Oh.. (ya) ….but that area is under another ADUN. The (Keadilan) Dr. Xavier. You call him.
(Oh My Gosh! Now only she’s saying this, after all my photo shot postings and correspondences in Charles Santiago Facebook…)

JP: “ok. What number I should call?”
Sara: “wait….call this 03-XXXX 4595 the ADUN office”. Phone hangs up (without HER hesitating).

I called the 03 without hesitating too. After several times trying, then got through. They gave me another number to call due to their fixed line problem (phone line disruption).

What the hell? Couldn’t they fix their line? This reminds me when I needed to call certain authority board the time we was having BN’s governance. Let me know whoever able to call through the 1800 JPJ complaint-number pasted on every registered lorry? I thought Pakatan should be better in handling this.

Call to SUK office – 03-XXXX 7306” The one in the ADUN office told.
By the way, who can tell what the hell is this [SUK] means for? (please la, I am just an ordinary citizen - who have voted for yours)

Then I called and they gave me another number (again) 019-XXX 7246 to call their “action-taking / task force” guy – Mr Raju. She said this guy will HELP.
(Actually, who is HELPING who? I scratching my head. In this type of public concern issue, I’m forwarding them this piece of “recipe” which they might getting well political mileage if they settle the complaint (off course, by calling whole gang of reporters to publish in news media);

(but sigh and damned they behaved like we ought to beg them for clearing help!)
I, as not a resident in that area but just coincidental discovered that sucking drains, was eagerly to forward this issue to respectful people’s representative (state government) for unnecessary rising of serious matter (likes dengue death); but this folk of "arrogantist" just keeping their arrogant with showing their moron attitude acting like “superman”!

(My goodness) ok, fine. Nonetheless, it’s half way now…so, I ticked on my phone again. What would happened if I just cut save my phone bill here ? Would these arrogantist inform their Pakatan’s comrades ? Aren’t they in the same coalition governing the state ?
I ticked on my phone again with dialing that number given(019-XXXX 7246) >
JP: “Hello, Mr Raju ?”
Raju: “Yes
JP: “It’s regarding ….bla..bla..bla (the same sentence I had repeated for many times)”
JP: “…and there are some photos shot pasted in this blog at > http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/by-jp-these-are-sick-drains-longkang-in.html indicating clearly which streets having drain failure problem
Raju: “ok. We will send people to check.”
JP: “Thank you very much, Mr Raju.” still with my heart of grateful after his PKR’s type of soft talk.
By the way, you are Dr. Xavier’s ….. ?”

Raju: “I am aide (assistant) to Dr. Xavier

And this time, hopefully thing get done with Mr. Raju’s sounded politely and convincible.
After a week, I called Mr Raju again.
JP: “Hello, Mr Raju.”, “How is the progress on my last week compliant about longkang in Tmn Sri Sentosa?
Raju: “Oh, ya. Regarding this matter. We are going to that area tomorrow.(MPK and YB) are going together.”
Was I overheard that YB Dr. Xavier is going too?
JP: “Great to hear that. Remember to shoot some nice photos then paste onto YB’s blog to let us know what is the outcome and solution.
Early, I checked YB Dr. Xavier’s blogsite and its telling that YB Dr. Xavier is holding another post extremely-related to my complaint – Selangor state Executive Council (EXCO) for Health. That’s great, with his concern in health sector, I believed he absolutely don’t want any flying kite numbers in dengue cases.
Thanks again, Mr. Raju.” I grate him.

We (me and my contact lives there) waited until the next day, but they sang us a James Bond’s song - [Tomorrow Never Come] !
I called Mr Raju on the spot.

Raju: “I personally had drop by to see the situation there. And we will forward complaint to MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang). Things will be settled.”
Really? I started to doubt … early he said MPK and YB should dropped by and checked…..was I overheard ?
Then we waited for another week. Thing NOT yet been settled! Drains still badly smeary disgusting, mosquitoes still flying in thousands in every evening and worst still after each rainy day, water floated up with worms sticking and jigging beside the drains – some dying and drying inside residents’ houses!
We can’t wait anymore and I decided to call news media this time.
(Some might have curious why we didn’t call MPK directly.) Well, I leave it to be answered by imaginations of you all. It will justify on level of maturity and political mind-set growth after the last Tsunami election where we had changed this state government to be a (opposition) – Pakatan state for the first time ever in Selangor. We thought it’s different from BN.

We were not expecting them to be “Superman” especially just right after taking role in state Selangor.
Still considering NEW after one year?!! Acceptable.
Council members or enforcement department still occupied by Umnoputras (as said by one of my brilliant buddy in Facebook) – causing these Pakatan’s ADUN obstacle to delegate job downward? What nonsense? After a whole year, still the same situation?
..ok! then just sit comfortably there and do nothing! See how these Umnoputra (if there’re really exist) as you said will transmitting such “goodnews” to their mastermind and how will these all morons be pin-pointed in the next election!(This was what I thought then, that’s why I was being sooOooOoo friendly to notify these Pakatan’s morons. But now I am almost being an Umno-helping hand in putting all this in letter words. Who fault? Who forced? )

Somewhere back in between month end of July and beginning of August.
I called the Star (which is a pro-BN news media as perception by most of us).
But then, the editor gave me few “helpful numbers”…..

Editor: “You may call to Ronnie Liu. He is the one monitoring (in-charge) for all (Pakatan) ADUNs’ performances in state.”
(I never knew got such a post to monitor other ADUNs’s performance) ??
"His number 012-XXX 3656 and office 03-XXXX 7150.”

I was surprised too why the editor was being so “nice” without publishing this “demolishing” news but given me Ronnie’s number; maybe he was a “Trojan horse” !??

I called then.

JP: “Hello, can I speak to YB Ronnie ? Ronnie Liu ?”
Daniel: “YB is in the middle of discussion. I am Daniel, assistant to YB. What it is regarding?
JP: “Chinese? Mandarin ok?” *(this time, thought of using my mother tongue as my Engrand level low and that’s why that Mr Raju might have gone somewhere else)

Daniel: “yes, Chinese.”
JP: “it’s regarding …bla..bla..bla..(repeated, and again – til now, wondering how many times I had mentioned this)”

(as translated from Mandarin)
JP: “……..and I had also spoken to Dr. Xavier’s aide - Mr Raju, regarding this matter.”
Daniel: “We will raise a complaint letter to MPK.”
(Still, with a different hope falls to a different party-DAP this time, I grateful to Daniel)

…times going on after (few more weeks) > > >

NOTHING obviously seem been done to these sick drains! I’m really getting sick now!

Somewhere in the middle of August, I called back the Daniel’s number.

Surprisingly, who do you think answered the phone?

JP: “Hello, can I speak to Daniel?”
XXX: “What is it regarding?”
(sounded a big different with Daniel’s type of soft volume, this time the one answering sounded hard and firm volume like a Tai-Ko )

so I asked: “Is this YB Liu ?”
XXX: “ha. Huh. (he wasn’t laugh. You know, it’s a bit like admitting to my question)”
XXX: “Who is this?”
JP: “I called Daniel weeks ago. Regarding sick drains issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang.”
XXX: “I’m in a hospital now, I can’t talk.”
JP: “I’ll call you back tomorrow.”

I got know about this moron’s aide being admitted to a hospital due to that “loyal” aide refusing to follow ICAC officers back for investigation, only after I hung up phone and read a web news. My heartiest sympathy to his aide too but no sorry to the moron.

I called him again the following days.
JP: “Regarding sick drains in Tmn Sri Sentosa
XXX: “I can’t talk now. In a meeting.”
(WATA FUCK!!! I tended to throw him back this word. How should I knew when is the best time to call; why don’t this mind retarded people’s representative serves to reply my call whenever he’s free of being moron ??!!! )
This time, still without saying any bad-bad word to him, to behave in “pretending” politely (sigh…they even can’t pretend as good as me), I just hung up the phone without saying any word!

This is the end ~.. this is a real ending for all moron servings, even most of us don’t wish to see it’s an ending for Pakatan governance in Selangor!Post Note: now I know why the Star’s editor directed me to call Ronnie, don’t you?

NOTE (again): This was the reason I had created a group in Facebook to shout loud to these morons [say NO to “gaji buta” ADUN / MP] and up-to-date its membership figuring 300 only, with ordinary citizens, voters and even Pakatan – DAP’s and PKR’s are joining too. I can assure you, after my written of this, bundles of them might just quit due to:
1. Conflict to their rules of conduct of each political party accordingly, where what I condemning was their Pakatan’s comrades;
2. Completed their info news-spying onto their opponent party’s opinion.
But, still many others will keep staying as:
1. It is their right of freedom to join any other non-partisan group (my group stated clearly – we will condemn BN’s too if they tagged “gaji buta”);
2. They know that I am non-partisan and just an ordinary voter, where they will treat my written as an alarm to alert their comrades.And I hope more and more of my precious readers will join the group too as you may encounter similar constrained situation too one day, who knows?
[comment section openned below, judge your own, Malaysian] > > >


Keong said...

JP, don’t you know he is still going here and there politicize other issues; but none of it mentioned about settle the drains problem there?
Why don’t you go and clean up yourself there? Or get your barisan people to help you..wakakaka.

[Phoon]'s Family said...

Better watch your back, bro.
Don’t you know that funky Toyo received a life threaten letter?

But I salute on your guts and good instinct, letting more people knowing pakatan capability.

To damn not means you hate them; to damn means you are actually improving them.
It’s depends on how we see thing in different angle.

Off course, a lot people might not agree on your says; but still be persist on it as we ought to know other opinion beside those pro-and pro-pakatan sounds.

Jeremy said...

They do big thing only;
your minor tiny problem, korek longkang yourself.

perak resident

Anonymous said...


perak again

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

I have to make this clear here even in the state of depress to having these bundles politicians, worse with some of my readers's critics here.

I not a politician. I am just an ordinary citizen inside a constrained situation looking favor of our beloved ADUN / councilors to solve the drains system failure problem in Tmn Sri Sentosa, leading them to prove that they are really care for Rakyat!

for those feel its funny here, God bless them and wishing this bad luck won't drop at their doorstep one day.


Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Jeff, Was not surprised to read your bad experience. Infact am a resident of Taman Sentosa,tis guy you mentioned Raju is a relation to Y.B. Dr Xavior. They know nuts to address the problems faced by the residents in Taman Sentosa. Y.B. appointed his best buddy another Rajoo to be the Councilor in MPK, he is busy finding his own projects to survive. Why is it that you had to go all the way to Yb Charles and Yb Ronnie, its not worth wasting your time.
We, are the tax payers and if have any problem its the MPK whom is answerable to us not this RAJ~~~~~~'S OR yB. `````'s . Our leaders dont bother about the tax payers rights but if it is to do with projects name them they will be waiting like hungry Ghosts. Keep In touch.

subramaniam thirarajjah said...

This shows that these politicians only know politicking. Solving drain problem? Go get alam fora lol


cowboy98 said...

What the hell! These ADUN acting likes barisan now. Why we need a change then?
Wake up..wake up…no more cheated by their SWEET TALK!


apekmalaysia said...

All politicians are the same,wther BN or Opposition.Before election,they can promise the stars and the moon and eveything you ask.After winning,they will be busy doing their own gerai to cari untung!
Small drain like yours don't flow fast water mah!
Why don't you try getting all the Taiko,orang kaya,the media people over and do a 'GOTONG ROYONG RAKYAT PR',you will see what happen.You know,all the YBs,YHs....likes their pictures to show on newspapers la!!!!
Politic SUK!!!!

Anthony said...

how d hell we rakyat know to call ahli majlis perbandaran where most of us only get to know our MP and ADUN. 4letters to those who keep asking us to complain directly to majlis perbandaran !! But never seen them inform their mastermind to clear the fog!

Jeremy R. Darren said...

Voters . . especially those who are looking for changes are made up of ordinary people who wanna do something for the betterment of the country, community or their neighborhood and owe nothing to anyone.

There were many reasons why Malaysians supported the Pakatan in the last election, and the significant for you and I won't denied was abhorred to the current system.
When majority voters been aroused of this abhorrent, then there ought to be a change in the current system. The voters were actually looking for a betterment of their community which this term of betterment was unknown and unpredictable. The voters were actually expected the new system to work in a form not worst than the previous one, some optimists even expected the new system to work better than the previous.
Eventually, when the new system is not perform in the way they expected, then another wave of changes could be ignited !

The Selangor state government actually was a significant testing ground for the new power to load up their experiences which determine their path to another peak.
"When they pointed their finger to their rival of election, they should aware that four are pointing back to themselves"
We all do hope that the new system will work better, but if it's just changing a horse with a donkey, then we should really beware of this ....

It won't be surprised many may not agree with this. As I won't surprised too that you are facing boombartic backfires for unveiling this ugly clogged drain, which hints the ugly side of politic game.
However, the residents in that area should really appreciated for your kind efforts in solving their constrain eventhough the unfair treatments by some whom been paid to do so.

Jeff, don't give up. Writes for the betterment and lights up the next generation ~..

Far from,
Jeremy Darren

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

To all who concern on this issue, here is the aftermath happenings. Kindly click HERE to forward to my next article, and find judgement there !!

Jeff JP
[the 3RD PARTY]

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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