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Monday, January 16, 2012

Never too Rash To Wipe their Ass, Please..

By Jeff JP

WTF ??
This article is a reply to a person with a girl gesture name pertaining to the clogging drainage system in Taman Sri Sentosa, Klang.

This person who named herself as Vienna Looi was one of those joining to 'defend their master' against my boombardic comment-posting in Facebook recently.


Dear Vienna Looi ,

Thank you for your concern.
Be noted here, this considered as the last reply to that twisting group / people.

At first, I have to softly remind you that [I hope you won't feel it's an offend or too harsh for you in my following words, as majority of readers in this blog know this is a Cold-Blood type of swearing writer.

Vienna, by reading to your comment, interpreted with my damn poor Engrand, there is a lot of contradiction of your says!!
(click to enlarge the image)
1. You wrote [actions were taken 3 years ago after my complaints].
<==> and you wrote [they only eliminate the non performing contractor in the late 2009 / early 2010] . ??
The fact is, the actual time of my complaint was somewhere back in July 2009. I don't understand the meaning of [action taken after my complaint; and then change contractor in late 2009]. The late 2009, as I assume with your written was during Oct, Nov to Dec 2009. So, in other word, you are telling me that THEY TOOK THREE MONTHS THEN ONLY START ACTION ??

2. You wrote [Mr Rajoo email dated 12:24am Sat midnight] <==> then under a bracket you wrote you are having telephone conversation with him...I really confused for my damned poor Engrand again...ok then, both of you may having email correspondence at that moment; both of you too may having telephone conversation at that moment; and both of you may having other way of connection in which I strongly state that I am NOT interested to know whatsoever it is, cause this is nothing to do with the purely concern on the clogged drain system by the residents there.

3. As per you wrote, the email replied by Mr Rajoo written [Tq and the foto are taken when the contractors under BN ruling but now you dont see this kind of drains anymore]. .....This sounded clearly like someone trying to skip away from responsibility by accusing all faults due by their predecessor.
Let me tell you dear little Vienna, the photos shown in my blog was taken on 2009 July 19, that was a year after 308 (GE-12) which the PKR won & rules Selangor state government, and NOT as per your written that Mr Rajoo emailed wrote as under BN ruling! It's either you had misinterpreted Mr Rajoo email, misquoted his written or one of you was lying !! The proof of dates photo taken still with me when I right-click onto the [Properties] button of those photos which safely saved in my office desktop.

4. At the end of your comment, you comb him like a cat with praising him this - [He is actually a very helpful guy and he welcomes you guys to call him or email him or look for him at his house here:
En Sundarajoo A/L Periasamy Hp: 019xxx7246]
<==> In my conversation with him, [Yes] he was a guy talks in soft & polite way. You may check on his previous helpful way in my previous article.click HERE
At first, he said he will sent someone to check the complained issue. Then No feedback/reply to me.
Secondly, after I called him again, only by then he oh~ya and said they will only go to that area 'tomorrow'. At that moment, I still thanked him and softly reminded him to shoot photos (of proof) and update to the respective ADUN (who is his BOSS - Pencabut Gigi Xavier Jayakumar) 's blogsite, as pertaning the issue which he might once again forget to feedback/reply to me.
So, I'm very curious, how comes he had changed now, even late night in the Saturday also reply an email to you...unless (for other reason?)

5. I really could not find any [helpFUL] way he was as per cat-comb description by you. Even in your first sentence, you started with this [Mr Rajoo has been very very efficient in his reply and follow up with me.] rrrrrr, Oh my Gosh! In my poor Engrand interpretation, you was implying that he is a sex-discrimination covert-gentleman who only play to be efficient to lady.

6. However, still a million thanks for your concern to this issue without counting on you are either truly sincere or truly naive to be horsed up by PKR, still, pleased to see your 'enthusiasm' to wipe their mess.

7. At last, and not as per both of us expected ones, the residents in that area still mumbling about those photos shown by you still clearly showing clogging water with expected larva to growww...
And they might even shoot you more photos like this, and some even said that “this type of photos can be easily downloaded from anyway in website …” , and etc.

8. Yes and No.
Yes, the problem still exists as of today. You may even arrange reporters to verify then. Till then, they still have plenty of times to clear the fog / clogging drains, dear.
And No, I won’t be there to accompany the gang of hypocrite, spinner and incompetent to verify the situation. Once again, I AM NOT THE RESIDENT THERE, I was just tooOooo coincidentally saw the truth of fact and being toooOoooo gooOd-heartEd to alert our belovEd Pakatan 's. For all unknown, God knows.

Happy New Year to all.
Gong Hei Fatt Choy

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