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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home comes this Buffalo can RUN Away while Cow Screwed Up ?

After Annar released / acquitted from jail, he had traveled everywhere globally to give lecturing, I hearsay. I think he earned quite good money too during that period.

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By Jeff JP

Since a long time I didn’t write…"couldn’t find a time” is a lazy reason I give here. Indeed the distress I felt on political party in this country made me disgust and disappointed to hit my keyboard.

Well, the following doubts and suspicious aroused my typo again today…

Firstly, let’s kudos to Penang state Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng & fellow EXCOs in the state government for asset declaration motion.
This is a brave motion towards a clean government, even bearing a risk of inducing eyespot by unsolicited syndicate.

This motion also has induced sarcastically topic by their political rival that they are movie-acting to please the voters, mainly Penangties. This became a coffee shops’ chat-topic with many are asking now : "Why they didn't show their next-of-kin's asset as well ?"

It could still considered as a barely trust pertaining that they are confident enough to capture the voters' perceiving. Further to this, the 'follow-up' step by the CM Lim urging the federal government cabinet Ministers to even follow his step by declaring assets might dragged himself into an awkward situation ~.~

When he himself was alone in urging the Prime Minister without his close partner in Pakatan i.e. the Annar Ibrahim to 'show support' , leaving another questionnaire risen – Why someone is trying to skip away from sight ?”

When most of us especially pro-Pakatans rely on Malaysiakini for alternative news in this country, why we could not find any news of this act of urging by CM Lim to be published for the sake of entire Malaysian?
In my perception, the Malaysiakini is a purely pro-PKR or pro-Annar website, which indeed at its many occasions, jerking up Annar by downgrading greatness of DAP.
It is easy to be understood the blocking at the backstage which deems necessary by the top-rank inside to ‘skip’ and keep their ‘master’ away from the asset-declaration sight, by censoring another highlight of DAP could be their only mask to used.

I hearsay that Annuar’s house is landed on a hill located at Segambut. The address given was easy to be found. There are about 8-10 bungalows surrounded a round-shape hill, which the hill is approximately 5 storey height. I estimate these bungalows here value at RM5,000,000 at least !!

After Annar released / acquitted from jail, he had traveled everywhere globally to give lecturing, I hearsay. I think he earned quite good money too during that period.

To Malaysian, especially Pakatan Supporters here, think wisely and chose smart…every step counts….

The above is a mirror version, comment column at the original post. Find it HERE

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