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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deviation ~ The Ruling Power

by Jeff Phoon
Malaysiakini - where we live now
I was tremendous upset when Teresa Kok denied her first statement about she'd been served with "dog-food" and twisted it.

Malaysian TV news firstly reported Teresa said that she'd been served with something similar to dog food while she was detained under ISA recently. I was upset that moment due to my perception was that she prescribed those served food was for dogs, hence the detainees are all "dog-dog" as her perception !?? What's the talks before thought ?

Then she made a u-turn to her earlier statement, saying that she did not say her was served with something similar to dog food but rather, she was served with something slightly better than dog food. So, what's the different here ?
{The TV3 (a pro-ruling party news broadcasting) handled the matter in the most obvious way : they broadcasted Teresa's second statement and then re-aired that statement with the first statement she made earlier.} So, we've seen the proof !

My english level damn poor, What's the different between "something similar" and "slightly better" ?

I was totally disappointed with these politician when they act like "twister" ! Expecially when the power is on their hand !

Teresa is now the Member of the Selangor State Assembly (where she focus into detail district issue); she is also a Selangor Senior Executive Councillor (where she look into state related matters - a wider scope); and she is also the Member of Parliament (where she concern into the federal government - a big scope).

We should understand that she is a capable person withholding such a number of important positions ! I'm not saying that she is greedy to "grab" all these power in hand but she might have been "forced" (by unexpected the then 12th general election's result which in favour to opposition party) to win these positions. With such heavy resposibles fall onto her shoulder, she able to stand for or fall-down ?

This recalled my memory several months ago when I might overheard that she was reluctant to help a household's auntie in solving resident area's social matter (where the area is not Teresa's won territory but adjacent to hers).

"She told us that - { see...now you faced problem! Your area voted for the "balance-tool" and they do nothing! They some more taken revenge because thet facing great lost in parliament seats in the recent election! You all deserved it !}" said the auntie. I was still doubt about what's the auntie's told that time.

I'm still remember when I first saw Teresa when she presented her arousing political speech few days before the election day.
I tentaviely cut-short my meeting with my colleagues to leave early, on the pretext of rushing to my tend-to-vote candidate - "better Malaysia" pre-election "vote-grabs' speech.
I rushed back home to encourage my wife to join me. To strengthen our points of preference with no bias to vote for the "RIGHT-man".

In the heavy rain, with our heart of hoping to create a better Malaysia for all generations expecially for our children, we are able to grab the first row audience seat and we hope.

I saw my favour candidate, (no doubt, many of us in my area grown in a "rocket-favour" influenced family); I saw YB Tan (the adjacent territory's MP; where my registered house address supposed to be in YB Tan's territory but we have totally no idea why the area splited into few portions and we've been categorised to vote in adjacent territory); I saw Gorbin Singh - the son of my old man's favour MP which he was giving a powerful-voice speech that night; I saw Anwar's daugther giving her "fearless" speech; and I saw Raja Petra - frankly speaking at that moment I'm still don't know "why people were overjoyed and given fascinated hands-clap when this bald up to stage ?", as I didn't know who is Raja Petra or maybe I read about his name in newspaper once or twice before ( in Chinese newspaper- his name translated odd in Chinese pronunciation) but I never see his face or photo.

With heavy rain keep on falling, we never ran !
We listen to their aroused speech one by one with no fear ! Included Teresa's speech in that "freshy-juicy" night with mud flushed up to our legs !
Rain won't die out our burning heart in creating a better Malaysia !!

Eventually after that night, we planted deeper our preference and became "immuned" !

The day falls - We out to vote.
I was so eagerly awaiting for this day. We put on the "X" mark on our preference coulumn and walked out from the election hall with extremely proud feeling that we have done at least little piece of contribution hoping to create "better Malaysia" ! ~..~

308 passed, resulted as tsunami to the ruling party !
Scenario, , cross-over rumour, ,Sodomy allegation, ,who fucked who, ,who sucked who, ,power swoop, ,lies, ,bollywood shows, ,scandals - episod by episod, we've seen..
Any changes in the current nation situation ? Any improvement ? We got better life now ? Should we deserve for these shits ?

Malaysiakini ~ Oh ~ Malaysiakini where we live

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