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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Defection : People Wish or NOT (part 2)

by Jeff Phoon

Malaysiakini (one of the most readers web-based news media in this region) yesterday reported that Opposition politicians anxious to form the federal government should first remember that they answer to voters, say activists.

I'm still remember I'd written an article [ Defection : People Wish or NOT ? ] on the Saturday, August 23, 2008 about the wills and wishes of people concerning on the materialize of the said defection after Anwar won the Permatang Pauh' by-election.

People are very much concerning about the new cabinets' candidates and mostly new candidate to sworn as our next PM ! Off course people like many hope to see a changing of politic power !
But few more group of people are very much concerning about the candidates in the new cabinets where - we had voted for the better MPs to represented our district, at the same time indirectly "appointed" them to be our country Ministers.

The system work like this, amongst these elected MPs of the ruling party ONLY (who are capable in their certain aspects) will eventually selected and appointed by our PM to be the cabinet Ministers.
(And always remember these candidates ONLY selected from the ruling party only, even if there are who and who is too damn good in whatsover field won't got this bowl of rice, Why? this is history. - {Nobody can change history. History cannot be change just to satisfy and make certain quarters happy.} - quoted from Ahmad Ismail 's statement on the kiosk press conference about racist issue yesterday)

So, we have indirectly "appointed" them to be our new Ministers ! Then the question is still why the people are feeling like "want them to be MPs only; but NOT Ministers" !?? Now we see the dilemma in our own self ~..~
Here was the headline of related news by Malaysiakini :-

'Get people's approval first for 916'
Athi Veeranggan Sep 8, 08 12:24pm
Despite heavy rain across Penang, some 300 people crammed into a hall in Han Chiang College last night to hear four speakers discuss the possible power transfer at federal level on Sept 16 - more fashionably dubbed 916.
*'Ensure moral authority to rule'
Anwar in a hurry for personal agenda?
read more at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89265

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Nostradamus said...

Make Dunno Only. Don't Become a Racist or Satan.

If you have read Anwarwood Productions latest script, you would have understood what is happening in Penang and all the news as reported in MSN, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and other blogger's websites. Some may have high blood pressure, a stroke or even a heart attack by now.

However, my advice to all Malaysians is , "Make Dunno Only!". Continue with your Fast, make preparations for Hari Raya and Mooncake festivals or whatever festivals coming your way.

For those who don't have any upcoming festivals to celebrate, then, may I suggest, we make preparations to celebrate Malaysia Day on 16 September which is the day Malaysia was born, 45 years ago, together with our fellow brothers and sisters from East Malaysia.

If you want to continue getting excited with the news and stories coming out from Penang, then may I suggest the following for you to ponder.

1. Ahmad says Chinese are immigrants or squatters. - Tell me who isn't an immigrant or a squatter in this world?

2. If you are sensitive to the words immigrants or squatters. - I have heard much worst than that over the past 51 years. I am already desensitised.

3. Ahmad tore Tsu Khoon pictures. - No big deal. It would be better if Ahmad had called him, Ka Ting, Sammy Veloo and all those other representatives of BN parties and slap them all instead for not conforming to the spirit of the Malaysian Constitution and doing trade bartering of rights of human beings for their own party interests.

4. Ahmad talking for all Malaysians Malays? - What about DSAI? Maybe Ahmad only represent the 50 or so followers he has. Maybe he can try buying more followers.

5. Ahmad talking for all Moslems? - What about Tok Guru? Is Ahmad an ulama?

6. Reporters get threaten and so forth. - Why are the MSN reporters there in the first place? Why after interviewing Ahmad, then run to interview other BN leaders? Is the news so important that it is worth reporting? Why don't interview Malaysians on the street and ask them what they think of Ahmad and other BN leaders.

7. Use ISA, Sedition Act and so forth. - For once, I totally agree, but it is only to be used only on BN politicians. After everyone is locked up, then abolish it.


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