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Monday, September 8, 2008

PGRM : Mutli Racial Party (transformed)

by Jeff Phoon
Hoo~Ray to YB Kohilan Pillay !
Being the first non-Chinese to win the Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (PGRM) Selangor state chief post !

Hoo~Ray to PGRM members!
They had decided to vote for a Indian to be their first ever state Chief post in today polls.
(Kohilan garnered 187 votes beated his opponent, a Chinese Datuk Lum Weng Keong managed 175 votes in the polls).

This is a big move move of their courage to truly transform into a truly multi-racial party!

Ya.., recently both of the major Chinese-dominant party in Malaysia, PGRM and Democratic Action Party (DAP) have made their move to transform into a truly Malaysian party with colourless principle.

No doubt both of these party were having non-Chinese to be their leaders previously but this time they are stress to "promote" this transformation strategic! As you could seen on TV news and read the headline of DAP when they appointed (Malaysiakini news dated August 24 this year) Tunku Abdul Aziz to be the party's Vice Chairman.

Back to today polls, PGRM won some people's heart this time with they are really voted (not appointed) for their leaders !
And credited to them for winning respect from people of this democratic country.

Ya..., some of you might just argued that they could have manipulated the polls result
or pressure influenced from their top to vote according the "vege-list" (the dominant power's preference list , if any)
or even they might want somebody who hold a Deputy Minister post in the current BN's cabinet (Senator Kohilan is also the Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister) to be their state chief ~

ai ya ... at least you can seen they are really "acting" on this multi-racial party's objective and definately they have won the democratic people's respect. Politician is good actor by all time ~

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