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Saturday, July 26, 2008



This letter is to urge you as the politician who sit at the Selangor's dragon seat to really solve these uncertain problems which the Rakyat suffering:

1. Rawang cable : This was the case since you haven't sit on the Dragon Seat. And one your Party's manifesto was to solve this problem, which was released by your trusted candidate. Untill now, what's the outcome? You pointed this to TNB then... TNB, a beneficial organization.

2. BMC: the blocks! You pointed this to contractors, Saga, etc .... beneficial organizations.

3. Ampang hawker stall: this is the recent happening, so what is your solution ?

.. and the Rakyat feel that you have folded up these files. We believe that is much more unrevealed or intentionally folded up cases. Many unsettled, and unfolded files you have to review..

But please don't fold them up! Please don't sleep!

(This is not your image, this is Pak Lah's image)

Please don't review this as a negative critics.

Please make the Rakyat really believe that the Pakatan is really taking care of them.

Dear YAB, we know that you was a excellent businessman before;

and you have been voted as the MB;

We are urging you to please act as politician now.

At least you act (berlakon) as a politician who care for the Rakyat!

Thank you,

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