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Sunday, July 13, 2008


by Jeff JP


"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said it demonstrated that the ACA was taking action without fear or favour even though those suspected of corruption held influential government positions." .....
"Abdullah was asked to comment on the recent arrest of Immigration department director-general Wahid Mohd Don and his deputy Yusof Abu Bakar as well as several other individuals for allegedly receiving bribes in the issuance of work permits to foreign workers....
picked from thestar.com.my Sunday July 13, 2008 MYT 4:24:19 PM

So, Pak Lah's is taking his action to destroy "transformer" !
Yes, people will start to joy when here is less foreign worker. Many foreign worker could become PR one day. Then in my word, I call it "TRANSFORMER" = transformed from illegal worker tobe legal worker then a PR.
People will joy if our government really sending these transformer back to their homeground. We would have a better for living then, cause the jobless will filled up the hole left by transformers, and eventually this helps the country economy....Wah seh, so talk talk ah? it's true!

This shown a good move of the chess played by Pak Lah.
Usually when I play chess, I like to predict the next move of the "chess-mate". I can foresee after this Pak Lah's government will out with a statement saying that a new DG appointed.=> this new DG will shown up (or at least before do anything) that he is in a high, ex-extremely high ambitiuos to retrict the work permits' application. => expecially pointed to Sabah. can see now ? => then you and me (expecially Sabah'an) will start to believe he is really working out on this issue. (one of this issue in which SAPP claimed to thrown the no-confidence motion to Pak Lah early). Then the one who start up to claim to thrown the motion might have a good reason to U-turn back!!

Anyway, still I want to express this,"

"Bravo ....Pak Lah....keep it on.."

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