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Saturday, July 19, 2008


This was a good write up about the recent bollywood show,
(by Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman in his recent blog)

1. From the beginning of your problem with MSB, I have been following your conduct and the various statements on the media concerning the Sodomy allegations against you. I have been interpreting what you said and your own body language. I would like express my views on the happening as I see it over the last 72 hours since you were arrested and subsequently released.
2. I would like to say that I am most disappointed at the manner and the indirect message that you were trying to deliver at your press conference yesterday. Equally disappointing is the press conference by your aides, lawyers and colleagues that was held immediately after you were held and the media circus over the whole issue that surrounds it.
3. First of all, let us retrace back the origin of the recent problem. You were served with a notice and you are required to give statement to the police.
You chose not to attend despite earlier assurances and gave a flimsy excuse. Once a notice is served, you have to respect it and you have to make good of your word.
4. From what is reported, it appears that you told the police that you would go straight to IPK KL immediately after your appointment with the ACA. You must know and had expected it that your movement is being monitored. If I am the CID chief, I will make sure that you will not take steps to flee the country or goes into hiding into another embassy. For that reason I will make sure that you are being tailed.
5. The crux of the matter is that they want your statement but you chose not to cooperate. You chose to dance around it. The very moment there is a deviation in your movement plan, the police took the action of catching you. This is expected. As it is they have already have the arrest warrant due to your failure to show on the first meeting. They are merely exercising their rights under the law.
When you break your promise, you blame others for it. Here Bakri Zinin men acted 45 minutes before the actual meeting, your people and yourself makes a big media show linking it to some conspiracy involving the top cops in the country. Why the double standard?
6. Immediately after your release, you organized a PC. You elaborated how you were questioned and highlighted that you were made naked. You had to emphasize that you were not given a black eye. You make a big fuss about how you have to spend a night in the lockup. Sorry to say this but I feel what you are doing is a big bollywood drama.
7. The police took you to see a doctor at HKL for examination. I don’t know whether it is male or female doctor but the way you portrayed the examination when you repeatedly emphasized that you were made naked and your private parts was measured as it the doctors and the police was just having fun with your genitals. Please Anwar.
8. When the police decided that they need to keep you in the lockup, it is because I believe they know that there is a big risk of further action by you and your followers. They cannot risk the development of any unwanted incident. For this reason, I believe they took precautionary measures of not letting you go.
9. In your PC, you describe on how you were made to lie on the cement floor and as a result that your back is aching. The police are merely following their SOP. Lockups are not hotels. Once a person is detained in the lockup, it does not recognize whether you are a VIP or a common thief, the SOP applies for both. That is why it is called a SOP. It is a set of written procedures that need to be followed. If no one are following it, then the person who ignored the SOP are liable. When you run a security related organization, SOP, rules and regulation are important. It is there to ensure fair play. I am sure very soon you will be saying that your back is hurt again and you need to be treated in Germany, as you do not trust the local doctors!
10. Your decision not to cooperate and give your blood samples for DNA is your prerogative but going around and giving excuses that your blood will be used to tamper the crime scene and built a case against you is a little bit too much for me to accept.
11. Who are you referring to? Ten years ago, you claims Mahathir was behind it. Now, don’t tell me that you think Pak Lah is behind it? Pak Lah may not be a good leader but I think he is a decent man. He will not do it to you. Are you suspecting Najib is behind it? Then, prove it!
12. What is important is the DNA profiling. I suggest that you tell the government that you are willing to go to any accredited DNA labs in the world and give your sample for the profiling. You can then submit the DNA report to the police. You do not have to give your blood. This will address your concern.
13. Your decision not to do a DNA profiling on your own is very perplexing. For the common person, they cannot make sense about the DNA. In the first place many think that they want a sample of your semen and not blood! Because of the ignorance of the mass media, you are now capitalizing on the issue of DNA profiling.
14. I do not know the IGP or his Deputy or Bakri Zinin personally for that matter. What I do know is that, the entire police force wants to do things properly. They want to maintain their image. Yesterday I saw Tan Sri Ismail, the DIGP on TV. Personally I do not know him but he is a committee member to a mosque that I go to in Bukit Antarabangsa. For those who are close to the mosque committee, they can vouch that Tan Sri Ismail is a decent man. His low profile lifestyle and the cars that he used reflect positively on him. I have many friends who know him and they all tell me that he is one of the decent cops around. Knowing Tan Sri Ismail, I do not think he wants to be a party to any unfair and illegal activities on you. He wants to protect the police image and integrity. If you have issues with Musa Hassan, then please do not make it as if you the entire nation police force is gunning after you.
15. Anwar, honestly speaking, I like the you. I like the way you think and I also look forward for the country to have a clean leader. I have no faith in Pak Lah and Najib from a leadership point of view. You may be an option but at the moment you need to clean your records. You need to fight this allegations properly. The way I see it, it is you that is using the media and making one after another allegations. It is not the government.
16. I want the country to be led by decent leaders with capabilities. If your record is not clean than I too do not want you as PM. For that reason, I am asking you to work within the system to get the truth out. Right now, I think you are not involved with the allegation but what I need is to believe and at the moment your action is making me feeling very sceptical. What is important is the truth. The truth is supreme. We must work to get the truth out.
17. Only the truth makes the difference. Nothing else matters. I beg you Anwar, please go and do what is necessary to ensure that truth and justice is prevailed but not to the extent of making a bollywood show! Your antics are not helping the economy and the country. The government needs to focus its time and energy on the people and not you alone. Please Anwar, do the right thing, do it quickly for the country. Cooperate and get this investigation over with. Then the whole nation can go forward again.

(picked from Good Show Anwar…. July 18, 2008 by drrafick )

Really think about it, Anwar.

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