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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Don't say you got
[ NO-EYE-SEE ] !
(if not, then you will miss out this f***king idiot damn good
short film:


We shall not close our eye. or one-eye-shut!
If not, or you 'dick' will be stolen.

DO NOT sleep...........Z. z..z...

(In chinese, when we said "ai ya, don't care la", "don't bother la" then we say "no-eye-see")
not eye wide shut, that was the movie where Tom Cruise screw up with Nicole Kidman!!

"In finland nobody is above the law, a couple of years ago the CEO OF NOKIA was caught speeding and he was going 15 km above the speedlimit, his POLICE SPPEDING FINE was to the tune ofRM 480,000.00, WHY? IN FINLAND FINES ARE DETERMINED ON YOUR INCOME, so the higher you earn the more you will pay in fines, so even if you are high and mighty you pay the same percentage as the poorest in the land, that is called equality across the board."
by finnish sauna
(picked from Bernard Khoo's blog:

THIS is called [fairness]. (or fair enough) ?

chooi meh ?

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