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Sunday, July 27, 2008

TREMENDOUS hits after my posting of [a LETTER to TSAKI]

by JP

I was shooted by tremendous hits after my posting of [a LETTER to TSAKI] yesterday.

And I jointed one of the PKR's Online Forum to expose my views further.

The forum (a dragon 's pool and a tiger 's den) is condusted by those PKR's fanatics and those who are focusing into Malaysian's Politics. A Chinese proverb sounds {you can't catch the tiger 's cub unless you enter it's lair}. So, that's my point, in order to get their constructive points.

Definately, I experinced a "bouleversement" (this is the only word I able to find to espress my feeling then) moment when almost every administrators or hosts of the website giving me {a set of interlocking stratagems} to my every posted titles in the forum...

Bang! oh! Bang! ah! I was almost stifled at this daggers drawn. but I managed to counter back with my sword which was not yet rusted (to write in an incisive style) which able to shut off their fires for some moments. ....untill 7pm, none of them seems to open fire again in any titles which related to the PKR's.

(Right now, I am working out something miracle to best describing the moments, soon you will read and see how bouleversement the moments was...)

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