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Thursday, July 24, 2008


by JP


This is a word pointed to those who have done evil in their life. In fact, for those who have done many many good things, you deserved to have a good future too. But not in a desirable way to wait for the goods to come in reality.

Today, one of my company’s salesmen called for help saying that he was blocked by police for carrying company’s goods in van. He might have quarrelling with the cops and showed his arrogant face. And the cops have to bring him back to balai for calming him down. He called us again to fax him an authorization letter to prove that he is eligible to carry the goods. So, my colleague rushing to find hard for the letter which endorsed by our principal and in no hesitating faxed him the letter. And finally he was released but already spent hours inside the balai without locked-up.
At the time we are trying hard to find the letter, a hint come into my mind. A few days ago, I had a suspicious mind that this salesman was using the company petrol subsidy to fill up his own car. Based on the tangible increased of petrol filled within these 2 months which compared to his first month; and tangible higher consumption compared with other salesmen, it was obviously lead me to thought that he is abusing the subsidy. And this put into dilemma either to expose my thought to board or not, but I’m rather still keep him under observation.

I am not allege him of subsidy abusement but this was just a co-related fundamental happened, and I have to warn all of us that when you’re doing evil, or tend to become evil, don’t say “who knows? I’ll be always caution” don’t say that, the God you believe knows, and the karma will shows.

"tanam padi dapat beras;
tanam ubi dapat kentang"

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