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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Freedom of Speech : Now and Forever

I read some political reviews about Pak Lah's stepping down announcement in Malaysiakini and other news media today.

"Poor,,..poor...poor performance in his 5 years sleeping ruling"

This was the majority views marked in his "report card".

But so I found one strange compliment about his indirect effort in widen up the scope in freedom of speech for this country, compared to Dr. M's era.

Is this his effort ? Or power of Rakyat (people) ?

Well, anyhow we still seeing the different if we really want to compared present environment with the former.

So, man should not look backward, what about in the future?

One thing I could expected that if Anwar be the next Prime Minister, we all could no longer have this (forced) much (pity little) of freedom to write sharing our thoughts ! And the media definately would no longer reporting in no-bias !

* Anwar is well-taught by the former PM

Check out yourself what his crony, fans, fanatics or he himself intension if we'd written negatively about him at http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2008/09/anwar-depressed-highaim-tb-pm.html
(Malaysiakini oh Malaysia future ku)

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