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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Indian Today - NOT to Marginalization

by { JP }
Malaysiakini - for Indian today
Since I still didn't updated on any news about to release the Indian whom been detained under ISA for long period - and those locked up recently, I am really upset and sympathy to these minority and under marginalization group !

When my buddy house robbed by an Indian gang past few years back, I was totally seeing prejudice to them. Well, you might said that I am a racist !

When you walk down to street underground world now, who are the big gang in violent mostly ?
(you won't see much more Chinese gangster with numbering now, most of them are syndicate corporaterization - they won't do the frontline job anymore !)

Who should be responsible to this trend ?

Why these Indian turn to be underground ?

Chinese proverb "If we grow hair, who want to be BOTAK (bald) ? !!"

Fortunately, we are still seeing many of the Indian are bearing hardships and work hard like Spartan to strive for their best in creating better life;
working night and day just for such little penny in saving for sending their children to higher education!

That's why we are having Indian lawyer to defend the justice and we are having Indian Doctor to cure sick !

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian.

P/S : Heartfully wish to see they are going home to celebrate this great day with their family !

Malaysiakini at http://malaysiakini.com/news/91853


Shamsul Talib said...

JP, you are not a racist after all through.

I tell you who is racist -

1. KFC (Kxxxxx Fucking Coward)

2. A & W (AxWxx)

These two devils is the known racism icon around !!

Kim said...

The 10 Hindraf supporters freed at 1:20pm.

Still working out to free the Hindraf ISA detainees.

At least at this point of moment, the 10 people have back to cheer celebration of Deepavali with their family now.

Thanks for inspiration.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...


meet you at Coward house to grab "flying" chick and then we go to A & W cheering for Deepavali.

by the way, at least they freed them on "humanitarian ground" to let them reunite with their family to celebrate the great day.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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