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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

( Blockbuster ) or All Bastard Show

by { JP }
Malaysiakini oh all bastard 's showEarly in August this year, when the Bolehland fuck-up government tried hard to console "bodoh" people on the petrol price hike issue by implementing an asshole amusement mechanisim .

The new mechanism which clamined to be used in determining monthly petrol's selling price but seems no less is for calculating profit and loss of their crony's petrol station !!

The "bodoh" people around were fooled and temporarily consoled (or damn nothing else can do but to accept) at that time by this fucking dog asshole statement by the Bolehland's pocketful Minister !

We expected that these all bastard 's brains were fulled with their strategy and planning before they given out such the hypocrite statement (review petrol price everymonth), they are able to deal with these foreseen circumstances where the petrol stations faced thousands of dollars losses (as claimed by the Thinny Asshole) everytime when they just drop the little fucking RM0-15 ! They should prepared to deal with all these foreseen circumstance if really yet to happen !
IT's totally seems as they are all fucking around and trying trickily to sodomise "bodoh" people asshole now (again) by stated that the petrol price would NOT drop below RM1-92 .
(even the world crude oil price now is tremendously down below as before price hike time !)

When the so called what what opposition Leader of defactor failed to form the what what idiot take-over plan last month's deadline, these all bastard's (worng spelled again - should be Blockbuster) group not in less manage to gain back certain people's heart currently.

But now, we are totally distress, upset and disappointed with their fool fucking flip-flop decision !!
Any comments from any readers from Malaysiakini


Abang Sharir said...

Bersabarlah, kian semua boleh tunggu sehingga pengumuman nanti ?

Kum Da Wan Cha said...

Datuk Shar k

Wait until you're full ?!!!

wat d irresponsible statement ?

Atom Nuno said...

When they "forced" to increased the price, they never go and listen to the people,

When they are supposed to price down, they said petrol stations having great losses !

Whose stations ?
Who's believe ?
What the nonsence ?

Loke Gau said...


Now the Tuk Thinny said 4 persons responsible to deal with petrol price.

What say you?

4 persons also got crony's station ? impossible.

HE is NOT the only ONE to make decision.

So we just wait la,
"...ia (umum) mungkin esok, lusa atau dua minggu lagi"

DK's DreamWorld said...

I know of one crony station! The station owned by Datuk Musa(Musa'ng), Sabah CM, the one right below his Innoprise office, on government land! HAHAHAHAHA!

That's why he is always smilling profusely all the time, he has got countless other businesses.

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