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Sunday, September 20, 2009

ALARM to Dr Xavier - the ADUN, the EXCO of Selangor

by { JP }

Dr Xavier is the state legislative assemblyman (ADUN) for Tmn Sri Andalas which covering Tmn Sri Sentosa constituency. He is also an Executive Council member (EXCO) of Health Caring in Selangor state. He was a dentist too.

I’m very curious to find out what is the real reason that keeps him ignoring his constituency complaint.
I have known about his level of academic knowledge. As a dentist, he doesn’t carry such knowledge to solve drains system failure in his constituency.
I have also known about his capability. As an EXCO for health sector, he is not able to take care (not saying whole state, but not even) for his own constituency in preventing mosquitoes decease.
I have also known about his other “part-time” job. As a ADUN for Tmn Sri Sentosa, he is carrying other "business" –> protest…protest and protest on the streets in town city for Keadilan party’s purpose till he’s lacking times to overlook after his own constituency. Even if he’d heard people damning that he is abandoning his constituency, but his function in Keadilan party is more valuable and important than his constituency!

Things I don’t know about him is the real reason he keep on abandoning and ignoring his constituency’s complaint.
He might facing obstacle to delegate job downward to his council department to sort out the problem. His council department might still be occupied by UMNOputras or such previous BN government links. If these bundles of UMNOputras do exist, he might said that they reluctant to follow his instruction to cooperate sincerely in solving his constituency complaint.
He might also said that budget allocation for his constituency was fully utilized until this Tmn Sri Sentosa’s sick drains and mosquitoes issue has to be “keep in view” – queuing on numbering!

wait la, still got many others complaint
Never mind, people not died yet
for what? No news reporting yet what!?

He rather abandons this Tmn Sri Sentosa’s complaint for some sort of moron thinkings!

If, he is really don’t know other method beside depending on his council’s budget to sort out drains system failure, why don’t he go and ask around?!!
Many methods can be used to sort out, for instant – even I am a non-politician, here I suggest:
1. His party can support Gotong-Royong Campaign to clean up the drains;
2. Go down to field (turun padang / home visits) to gather residents’ signature to raise up an official complaint letter or some sort of black-and-white to pressure on MPK etc..
Can’t he go asking for his DAP’s counterparts whom are more experiences handling sick drains in Selangor state? He feels shame?
Or he thinks he is so great?
I’m a doctor and a great man. Asking help from others especially from a different party, making Keadilan shame..

You think you are so great man being a doctor?

Who is the ex-dentist MB in state?
Would you think Khir Toyo is a great man too?
I think he is following the Toyolism’s path…..
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As updated, there are two fellas wrote me asking “why you don’t go complain directly to MPK?

Here are the answers for those two morons:

No.1- Only if that-two-morons have not fully read my article, perhaps someone just asked [that-two-morons] to thrown these immature question me. But lets me tell [that-two-morons] clearly – I AM NOT A RESIDENT IN TMN SRI SENTOSA;

No.2- I was just being too damned nice to ALERT these bundles of Pakatan’s people reps whom I thought in early they really caring for Rakyat;

No.3- There are many illiterate citizens around; or some might just primary school educated. For those literate, they are probably not too political mind conscious. How could [that-two-morons] expect them to go MPK filling form to complain directly?
Are [that-two-morons] mind-retarded after being too educated (and being doggy used by their devil mastermind to humiliate others but not even given any favor assistance to solve this time crucial problem??!!!, “do you want your children to be sting by mosquitoes every night? Do you worry that if somebody children getting dengue due to mosquitoes sting?”)?

But then, if [that-two-morons] think that these people will just keep quiet, [that-two-morons] are definitely wrong! These people won’t keep quiet, they discuss and are eyeing on this new state government (Pakatan- PKR) “great jobs” amongst themselves; they will spread it through their neighbors, relatives and friends. Lets see how it will “grow” till the whole country knowing about Pakatan’s failure in helping Rakyat to sort out this (even) a minor tiny thing!!


Anonymous said...

those all bastard they thought go complain at majlis perbandaran so simple?

1. check with counter which way to proceed to?

2. after able to the right counter, then take a number in the room.WAI

3. number call u, a form pass to you.

4. Fill up the form..

5. pass back to the counter..WAIT

6. NO go toilet

7. number call u again, questionnaires about your right address.
"NOT staying there?"
(go fuck yourself)

8. get a resident staying to come again, repeat the same steps from 1 to 7.

9. "Still staying there?"
"why want complain?"
"dirty drain..mosquitoes alot"
"WAIT." calling to some other people
"ok, you go and see this officer at 2nd floor"

10. WAIT at second floor doorstep......WAIT! NO go toilet

11. officer call u in

12. repeat question again...

13. "YES" "YES" "YES" all answered correctly,

14. "sign here again"
"WHY ?" ~t~a~k~u~t

15 signed


17. get a copy of your complaint reference

18. "we will go to your house"
(~t~a~~k~u~t~)(i just want to make complaint but don't disturb my house)

19. riding on tiger back now, can not jump down, so WAIT

20. WAIT

21. Officer come visit. nobody home. go work, not back yet. no call(fuck) u, they just go.

22. WAIT. thought nobody come. again called...

23. pass line WAIT

24. pass line again..WAIT no go pee

25. tutu..tutu..passing line

26. officer vacation not back yet
"call another week"

27. have die already?



Anonymous said...

a very good imagination comment upstairs.

YB Dr Xavier, have you wake up?

Klang residents

Anonymous said...

you r a moron as your writing suggest,your english is fucked and how the fuck you write to complain about others.YOU R A SICK MORON N A ASSHOLE.

Anonymous said...

ma cau hai, tidur punya yb, bodoh punya yb, kerja tak bikin, gaji ambik aje.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

for the [Anonymous] timed 2:46 PM above,

My English improving. Thanks for comment here.
I'm just wondering whether those good literate Engrand level people will help to submit any formal complain letter to MPK.
You are right, my English level might not qualify to raise complain letter to MPK.

But why don't you being as human kind to give favor to resident there rather than being a FUCKHEAD here to humiliate people with kind heart of concerning social?

Motherfucker, if your mama didn't teach you to be good to good-hearted people, so sad!
But if your mama tought you and you're acting like a doggy fucking babe here, your mama will be sad on you!!

Go CUT your hair, doggy!


P/S: btw, still thnks for your kind comment here for improving my English.

Lai Ming said...

what's wrong using broken english to complain others? More simple and easier to understand.
Some other blog I read, used grand english, fantastic twisting sentences; but normally after the first two sentences, I just close off the window and quit. My english not good mah. what about you?

Lai Ming

Anonymous said...

Shit article!!!

Complaint at MPK using English, you think they can understand well ? using Bahasa Melayu lah ,Bodoh!

Every Majlis Perbandaran got One-stop center now and Aduan Hotline already. Why should fill up form?

You think government very rich? We got MPK and those town councils to solve the drains and Enviornment then you request ADUN or EXCO to see longkang!?

Hallo, voters should know the works of ADUN and EXCO. They suppose to have meeting at Dewan Undangan as an assemblyman and policy makers.

Anonymous said...

To the author, if you do need any assistance to write your letter of complain either in BM or English... I would gladly assist you. Your work in exposing the shortcomings of our elected ADUNs and MPs is rather commendable. Syabas. Please do indicate how can I contact you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why all these pro-Pakatan shit morons commentators just wasting their times here criticizing jp rahter than go help to create a complaint letter to MPK and see what shit your getting then!!

Besides, i believe this shit moron adun aide de camp should have done so if yours says "raise letter to MPK" should work out to solve the problem!! Moron!!!

Talk so easy, things not done!!

Really fucking shit dogyy!!

Anonymous said...

To the above [Anonymous] who wrote...

{ you r a moron as your writing suggest,your english is fucked and how the fuck you write to complain about others.YOU R A SICK MORON N A ASSHOLE.
September 21, 2009 2:46 PM }

I thinks his head being screwed up too after his asshole being sodomised by his mastermind!
See how idiot he is being condemning others but just look at himself, what have he done? Any favor to constituency? FUCKHEAD moron.
Maybe he is paid to do so. But still no forgiven from his mother if his mother knowing that even his brains had been screwed til empty!!

Hey, moron go cut your hair. toldya. it make you look like a sick and child-abused person!!

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...



NO.2 - click onto =>WHO's ABLE TO CALL THROUGH WHAT-THE-HELL [One-stop center and Aduan Hotline] ?
Who's able to call through those authority board - 1800 number ?
and what the hell is the One-Stop Center?
If anybody knows this,please la go complain.

NO.3 - and click onto [HERE]

Somebody who directed us do so has their own duty (they were paid to discourage facts writings from any opposition voice)!

Good. Now having more and more people knowing that they are excel in twisting "chameleon" type of excuses once failure of helping Rakyat; besides those all-times rhetoric talks to hope for support that "badback guy" to be PM!!


Atom NONO said...

Damned Xavier Jayakumar
Still ignoring his constituency. But choose to do these :-

(in his FB)
Xavier Jayakumar wrote:
I took a team of 15 cars, to visit 3 estates in Bagan Pinang. Namely Atherton Est, Siliau Est, & Bradwall Est.

The state of living conditions and the level of poverty is unbelievable. These are Malaysian citizens who are being paid RM 400 a month... as Estate labourers. It seems like 52 years of Independence hasn't changed a thing for these people. Families there lack the finances to even send their children to School. They can't afford the bus fare. The state of affairs that I find deplorable. !!Read More
Visit to Bagan Pinang - 21 Sept
9 new photos
Yesterday at 1:14pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share

Anonymous said...

a sucking hypo politician.

He care for poverty people..good
What about majority his own race people staying at Tmn Sri Sentosa?
Such a hypocrite! Damned!!!

uncle from Tmn Sri Sentosa

S.W. Goh said...

Nyonyak2 goyang2 dapat gaji !
This is how he deals >

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