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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....part IV

by { JP }

(continued from part III)
JP: “Thank you very much, Mr Raju.” still with my heart of grateful after his PKR’s type of soft talk.
By the way, you are Dr. Xavier’s ….. ?”
Raju: “I am aide (assistant) to Dr. Xavier

And this time, hopefully thing get done with Mr. Raju’s sounded politely and convincible.

After a week, I called Mr Raju again.
JP: “Hello, Mr Raju.”, “How is the progress on my last week compliant about longkang in Tmn Sri Sentosa?
Raju: “Oh, ya. Regarding this matter. We are going to that area tomorrow.(MPK and YB) are going together.”
Was I overheard that YB Dr. Xavier is going too?
JP: “Great to hear that. Remember to shoot some nice photos then paste onto YB’s blog to let us know what is the outcome and solution.
Early, I checked YB Dr. Xavier’s blogsite and its telling that YB Dr. Xavier is holding another post extremely-related to my complaint – Selangor state Executive Council (EXCO) for Health. That’s great, with his concern in health sector, I believed he absolutely don’t want any flying kite numbers in dengue cases.

Thanks again, Mr. Raju.” I grate him.

We (me and my contact lives there) waited until the next day, but they sang us a James Bond’s song - [Tomorrow Never Come] !
I called Mr Raju on the spot.

Raju: “I personally had drop by to see the situation there. And we will forward complaint to MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang). Things will be settled.”
Really? I started to doubt … early he said MPK and YB should dropped by and checked…..was I overheard ?

Then we waited for another week. Thing NOT yet been settled! Drains still badly smeary disgusting, mosquitoes still flying in thousands in every evening and worst still after each rainy day, water floated up with worms sticking and jigging beside the drains – some dying and drying inside residents’ houses!

We can’t wait anymore and I decided to call news media this time.
(Some might have curious why we didn’t call MPK directly.) Well, I leave it to be answered by imaginations of you all. It will justify on level of maturity and political mind-set growth after the last Tsunami election where we had changed this state government to be a (opposition) – Pakatan state for the first time ever in Selangor. We thought it’s different from BN.

.....to be continued at 1pm today

comment section will be at the finale part which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

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