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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat, do you really care for RAKYAT ?!!

by { JP }

I can’t figure out why there is still no action to be taken against the sick drains in Tmn Sri Sentosa.
Not even any news heard from the relevant people’s representative – ADUN & MP; and we still able to find they are on this function then buka puasa with so and so then press conference on others; but still not seeing them mentioned anything about the sick drains!!

Why these bundles of politicians keep on ignoring their constituency’s highlighted and clearly indicated complaint?

Are they want to wait till more people died of dengue decease then only they call whole gang of reporters to clean up the sucked drains?

Are they want to wait till that area being published on news media then only they will wear up red underwear showing up their “Superman” face and twisting that they are fast reacting to public complaint??

Are they want to wait till residents start to group up and protest with holding bloodshit banners learned, then only they start politicize the issue by diverting it to its previous ruling government???!!

I’m really can’t figure out….
What are they waiting for?
Why no action??
How the residents there stand on with the sick situation where drains smear disgustingly, mosquitoes flying in thousands stinging children and dirt water float up with worms sticking, jiggling beside the drains after rainy days ?? !!!

I’m sorry and starting to feel regret to some of my friends, my colleagues and my juniors for I had strongly, softly and hardly convinced them to vote for Pakatan in the last election. Some I even brought them to the Pakatan’s sweet-talk impulse aroused pre-election speech even held in rainy day.

This is the result of my planted deed, maybe its karma. I thought they are God, they are Superman, or at least they are decent man. So, what have I done within the last election days resulting in my constrained moment now! I deserved it.
But then, residents in the Tmn Sri Sentosa might lesser “devil” as mine. They had not done too much like me to encourage people to vote for Pakatan, …..

Why they deserve that sick drains?

Why they deserve worrying about their children being stung by mosquitoes?

Why they deserve to have such moron politicians whom ignoring public concern issue?

The only deed or “devil” which they might had planted was that they had voted the Pakatan’s candidate to be their “people’s voice” in the government!!!

They might have voted them even they did not know who the hell person they voted! They might even do not know about character and capability of the candidate they voted because blindfolded of sweet talk by Pakatan’s mastermind group. They might have brainwashed by the mastermind group of people whom excel in giving arousing speech.

Unfortunately blindfolding by this could be their only “devil” deed they had planted, so now they deserve to smear on the badly disgusting drains everyday, to worry of their children being stung by mosquitoes every evening and vomit cleaning dying worms beside drains every rainy day.

Pakatan, Pakatan, do you really care for Rakyat?


Anonymous said...

this is pakatan rakyat or PAKATAN REVENGE ?

Anonymous said...

Your point and indication are very clear.
They keep on ignoring might due to [REVENGE] on what you had written about them recently. They thought you are barisan people. They will gift u this word [EAT THIS].

from LookKAU

Atom nono said...

It’s proven now pakatan only concern on politicking, public issue THIRDLY!! Second priority is to crown that devil badback racist to be PM!!!

atom nono

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