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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....Finale

by { JP }

(continued from part V)
…times going on after (few more weeks) > > >
NOTHING obviously seem been done to these sick drains! I’m really getting sick now!

Somewhere in the middle of August, I called back the Daniel’s number.

Surprisingly, who do you think answered the phone?

JP: “Hello, can I speak to Daniel?”
XXX: “What is it regarding?”
(sounded a big different with Daniel’s type of soft volume, this time the one answering sounded hard and firm volume like a Tai-Ko )

so I asked: “Is this YB Liu ?”
XXX: “ha. Huh. (he wasn’t laugh. You know, it’s a bit like admitting to my question)”
XXX: “Who is this?”
JP: “I called Daniel weeks ago. Regarding sick drains issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang.”
XXX: “I’m in a hospital now, I can’t talk.”
JP: “I’ll call you back tomorrow.”

I got know about this moron’s aide being admitted to a hospital due to that “loyal” aide refusing to follow ICAC officers back for investigation, only after I hung up phone and read a web news. My heartiest sympathy to his aide too but no sorry to the moron.

I called him again the following days.
JP: “Regarding sick drains in Tmn Sri Sentosa
XXX: “I can’t talk now. In a meeting.”
(WATA FUCK!!! I tended to throw him back this word. How should I knew when is the best time to call; why don’t this mind retarded people’s representative serves to reply my call whenever he’s free of being moron ??!!! )
This time, still without saying any bad-bad word to him, to behave in “pretending” politely (sigh…they even can’t pretend as good as me), I just hung up the phone without saying any word!

This is the end ~.. this is a real ending for all moron servings, even most of us don’t wish to see it’s an ending for Pakatan governance in Selangor!
Post Note: now I know why the Star’s editor directed me to call Ronnie, don’t you?
NOTE (again): This was the reason I had created a group in Facebook to shout loud to these morons [say NO to “gaji buta” ADUN / MP] and up-to-date its membership figuring 300 only, with ordinary citizens, voters and even Pakatan – DAP’s and PKR’s are joining too. I can assure you, after my written of this, bundles of them might just quit due to:
1. Conflict to their rules of conduct of each political party accordingly, where what I condemning was their Pakatan’s counterpart;
2. Completed their info news-spying onto their opponent party’s opinion.
But, still many others will keep staying as:
1. It is their right of freedom to join any other non-partisan group (my group stated clearly – we will condemn BN’s too if they tagged “gaji buta”);
2. They know that I am non-partisan and just an ordinary voter, where they will treat my written as an alarm to alert their counterpart.
And I hope more and more of my precious readers will join the group too as you may encounter similar constrained situation too one day, who knows?

comment section will be at the complete version which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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