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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....part V

by { JP }

(continued from part IV)
We were not expecting them to be “Superman” especially just right after taking role in state Selangor.
Still considering NEW after one year?!! Acceptable.
Council members or enforcement department still occupied by Umnoputras (as said by one of my brilliant buddy in Facebook) – causing these Pakatan’s ADUN obstacle to delegate job downward? What nonsense? After a whole year, still the same situation?
..ok! then just sit comfortably there and do nothing! See how these Umnoputra (if there’re really exist) as you said will transmitting such “goodnews” to their mastermind and how will these all morons be pin-pointed in the next election!
(This was what I thought then, that’s why I was being sooOooOoo friendly to notify these Pakatan’s morons. But now I am almost being an Umno-helping hand in putting all this in letter words. Who fault? Who forced? )

Somewhere back in between month end of July and beginning of August.
I called the Star (which is a pro-BN news media as perception by most of us).
But then, the editor gave me few “helpful numbers”…..

Editor: “You may call to Ronnie Liu. He is the one monitoring (in-charge) for all (Pakatan) ADUNs’ performances in state.”
(I never knew got such a post to monitor other ADUNs’s performance) ??
"His number 012-XXX 3656 and office 03-XXXX 7150.”

I was surprised too why the editor was being so “nice” without publishing this “demolishing” news but given me Ronnie’s number; maybe he was a “Trojan horse” !??

I called then.

JP: “Hello, can I speak to YB Ronnie ? Ronnie Liu ?”
Daniel: “YB is in the middle of discussion. I am Daniel, assistant to YB. What it is regarding?
JP: “Chinese? Mandarin ok?” *(this time, thought of using my mother tongue as my Engrand level low and that’s why that Mr Raju might have gone somewhere else)

Daniel: “yes, Chinese.”
JP: “it’s regarding …bla..bla..bla..(repeated, and again – til now, wondering how many times I had mentioned this)”

(as translated from Mandarin)
JP: “……..and I had also spoken to Dr. Xavier’s aide - Mr Raju, regarding this matter.”
Daniel: “We will raise a complaint letter to MPK.”
(Still, with a different hope falls to a different party-DAP this time, I grateful to Daniel)

…times going on after (few more weeks) > > >

.....to be continued at 3pm today

comment section will be at the finale part which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

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