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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What the F ?! They Start This Again !!

by { JP }

At first when I read and hearsay the news of FRU / police arresting people representative (ADUN) in Perak state this morning, I started to roar.

(photo NOT reflect the actual scene happening in Perak now)

"Damn ! How can they arrested them for they are conducting their obligation as ADUN ?"

I was tending to write a piece of "condemn letter" to express my personal perception on this. But then I received a call..

"JP, you're seeing what happening in Perak now?"

"No! but i know what's happening there. They're arresting our voted ADUN."

"who told you ?"

"my friend in KL and I read Malaysiakini."

"do you know that they are arresting every people who go near to the "pokok" ? every people."

"how do you know ?" (this time my turn to throw him back the same question)

"come on, JP. Wa in Perak know every happening here..they're arresting even students go near the pokok now!"

"who told you ?" (i asked again)

"my relative business near the building told everything"


Right ? This is what we most hear about today ? We hearsay this, from him; we hearsay that from her...

With my foolish in tending to condemn the police in conducting their obligation (too), luckily I awaken by my own (as the above conversation was just a fictitious to inspire and enlighten all of us).

These are questions we supposed to ask,

"Damn ! How could them get arrested by police who are conducting their obligation ?"

with referring to YB Lim Kit Siang 's blog -
"10:20 AM DAP Perak State Chairman Assemblyman Sitiawan Ngeh Koo Ham arrested by police at Democracy Tree for trying to get to Perak State Assembly"

"What fault they've done ?"

So, sorry to say this and no offend -
"What if I pee at state government building (while you are ruling the state government) ?"

off course, my friend will say
"you are nut ! Pee publicly is fault (guilty)"

"yes. you are right." surely will get caught. Some people start to say I'm nut already for I am comparing pee at state office to their arresting. But..think ...think....fault is fault (then only will get arrested). no matter small tiny thing or serious matter, right ?


Anonymous said...

you are completely nut !!



[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

To make this clear, we are not supporting Police using brutally force while conducting their duty. Likewise, if any of this for the past, we condemn !

But, obviously seem this time - who is clicking up the spark first ?

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

for the above nut who is reading "nut"'s piece commentator,

hey, next time show your name la if you want to "HIDUP HIDUP HIDUP" in my blog here, please...moron!

Anonymous said...

Beside condemning brutal force, we should condemn any try in confusing people about dignity and integrity of truth. We should not let ourselves to believe and spreading any "hearsay" without self confirmation.

yeoh t.l.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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