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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Toyolism Dentist

by { JP }
photo shows good Indians pulling Holy Cow as their Holy icon. (NOT a reflecting to the incident of Section 23, Shah Alam)

Who start up the protest ?
Who pull the cow head into the incident ?

Who is behind the racial trap ?

Who set up the plot ?

Who are victims ?
These questions roused after I read a news about a group of Shah Alam residents pull a cow head to protest against an relocation of temple at Section 23.

Many of us might just thought that the opposition of the opposition coalition had started up their wheel of surviving by sparking up this recent religious sensitivities
issue, as my early thought too. But then what benefit they gain ?
As said, if this action is to gain a survival mileage as we all thought that the ruling alliance is dying but in fact they are not. Look at current situation where more and more people have already "regret" their polling favour to opposition, The ruling power feels lesser in pressure (or in more relaxing moment) now.
So, I asked myself "do I want to do this bloodshed thing if I'm in comfortable now ?". Then "who is behind all this ?" and the answer of the ruling power should not be existed. We might have go the other round (or spin) by the plot, we should asked ourselves "Who actually gain benefit from this ?"...

As I think and figure out, ones just snap into my mind ... { oh ya.. the recent many allegations of the poor performance assemblyman (and Selangor EXCO), might gain benefit from this }

He could be another Toyolism Dentist ADUN

As I figuring out his weak point..
1. Participate tooo much in street protest;
2. lack of concern into public concern issue;
3. lack of concern into health care issue as he hold a what the [Healthcare and what affair] EXCO post in state;
4. keep on ignoring public's complaints;
5. might have wrongly appointed his own crony to be his aide whom is not keep him informed of current issues...etc

My thought is that, if unfortunately any riot arouse up there.... people might just forget and forgive his poor performance and feel more lots of sympathy to him, then surely he shall escape from his irresponsibility.

Amitabha ~.~ I hope he is not.

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Anonymous said...

how he might had too much time for clearing your drains as he was putting much of his time into others. As such likes ...protest,...protest,..and protest... (such a good street fighter)

Someone voted the street fighter on polling day.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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