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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Politic Servings

by { JP }

We'd just enjoyed our dinner in Rocket United Cafe at SS2, a cafe which was opened by DAP (Democratic Action Party)'s supporter(s) as claimed by YB Tony Pua in his facebook's sharing.

The cafe was renovated in such a way that alike a tiny museum of DAP, which portraits continuous photos memorized DAP's legendary and warriors.

By looking at those photos, might given us piece of deep thought of these warrior's path-through, besides remembering of their efforts which keeping this country in a well balance democratic system. (yes..many might not agreed of this; but then "what have you all done to keep Malaysia still a place for multiracial living ?")

One of these which reminded me was that the DAP was the one who kept the "Sam Poh Temple" in Melaka "alive" until today. (correct me if I'm wrong).

Here sharing pieces of my photo-shoot:

Lim Guan Eng sad moment (which printed in cafe's menu) .....should lead us feel his bitterness when we swallow the cafe's servings.

Legends and warriors in wall memorial..

and never forget to "taste" delicious food..
Ice-kacang (suggests name for: [ROCUTD ICE KACANG])

Nyonya Rice serving with chicken rendang (suggests name for: [ROCUTD NYONYA CHICKDANG]) ...pay me for name-creation consultant fee, ok?

By the way, Tony, the servings really ....... still go space for improvement, right ?
(shsss..he told me that is not owned by him) whispering


Atom Nono said...

Wonder why can't see any anwar's photos there..! ? ?

but his wife showed..(Wife bigger that husband, ah?)

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...


why you like anwar so much..ah?

better still not to have his photo..
The main character is LGE there. If anwar's showed, .... (how to say the word) "blocking eye-sight" .hehe.
Better still not to have his in order to deteriorate sales.
(and his wife seem ok..right?)

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