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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Legend Falls, but spirit won't die ~..~

Sir Robert William Robson CBE (18 February 1933 – 31 July 2009),[1] commonly known as Sir Bobby Robson, was a former international football player and former manager of several European clubs and the England national football team. The most familiar from which club I got to know him was Newcastle United.

Although the Newcastle United FC way of footballing did not impress me at his time being the Manager, but what had most remarkable was Sir Bobby's non-stopping spirit in chasing the passion of footballing.

At his age of 70's, he was still seen very energetic and speak powerfully, both press media as we seen and directing his team. He should knew better than any of us about football. What is football all about ? How it generated revenue ? He knew it..

In his life, he spent most of his time playing football and thinking of footballing. He deserved to enjoy what he'd earned within his years in footballing.

One curious to remained unknown after his falls is that "how he kept his passion even he might in a great possibility knowing that footballing actually is all about sucking spectators' bet-money ?" "Footballing is all about directing a good film to attract fans then cheating them ?"

R.I.P. Sir Bobby..

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