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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why PAKATAN DESPERATE to deny 2/3 majority in Parliament ? !!!

(sorry, my engrand low level, have to digest slowly)
Now certain number MP of the Pakatan's was banned (suspended) by the parliament. Many have condemned the ruling party - BN for this motion to ban Pakatan's MP with intention to conquer back 2/3 majority in parliament !!

This is totally hypo!!!

Look at these fact which I gathered recently (recently means, for the pass tense, YES! there were the same habit or patent) =>

1. In the vote section of RM10 pay cut to Minister of Energy
"Voting for a RM10 pay cut for the Minister of Energy, Green Technology & Water.
Results : Support motion = 47; Decline = 58 => Motion Rejected:
(a definate purposedly? defeat for Pakatan Rakyat)

Total votes = 105

(meaning those other hundred something ? "goyang goyang kaki" shaking leg laying comfortably at home ?? !!!)

2. somewhere back in November.
according to a pro-pakatan!! webnews,

"there was not enough compulsory quantity of ADUN to sit in for state assembly early today which this had adjourn the legislation meeting !!"

We all know that by denying the ruling party of 2/3 majority is to prevent certain power from amending the constitution; but look at the fact, they themselves not even attend the parliamentary section or voting section; and we all should keep on trusting them to uphold the what and what rights, this and that, bla bla bla.....etc ? You still believe ?

(postnote : All photos shown were just illustrations and not the actual moment of parliamentary section as described)


dusun duRIan said...

2/3 ?

for shows only.

Ah Kim said...

For all these years, the politician has beg us to vote for them. Rhetoric talks of human rights, freedom of speech, race equality, better Malaysia etc..

Now when the nation need them, they disappear. service centre vacant, ignore phone calls, and even absent for parliamentary assembly.

I just don't know, where is our future if we still planting our hope to them.

JP said...

bila kalah dalam piliharaya, dia cakap Seruhanjaya Pilihanraya main busuk;

bila sudah menang, dapat masuk parlimen, dia hasut rakyat ronjak pergi jalanraya bandaraya buat demotrasi;

bila sudah challenge speaker dewan, sengaja nak cari pasal, dan dipulau keluar dewan, dia cakap ni lagi satu angakara musuhnya untuk kuasai parlimen!

Apa lah, orang ni. Dah jalan buntuk ke berangan nak jadi PM.

nanti dia PM, kerja kerja disuruh bawahan tak buat kemas, dia cakap lagi kaki kerajaan banyak lagi pro-musuh dan spy.

TAK MAMPU, TERUS-LAH CAKAP. Tak payahlah asyik menunding orang.


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