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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

next PM: Revengeful,Homo,Bi or Capable ?(part1)

One thing that we've been misturned, misleaded or blindfoled (or whatecer word is that)was :

"Can we accept a homo or bisex person to be our our PM? "

"What's wrong? as long as long he is capale in bringing the country ........( bla.bla..bla... ya his money-festo.....not to repeat here, people'll get vomit and we just want to see results ),"

"Yes! as long as he is capable,"

"So, no big deal that whether he is homo, bi or tranx ?!"

The conclusion is he must look after the sake of the people !!

That's right!So, you got point here.

But, wait ! just look deeply and think twice whether this the [many-times alleged person] is he really a kind of person who will definately think good of his Rakyat priority ?

And had he really buried his personal "indignant" and put aside "revengeful" mind ??

We are curiuos on these issues but NOT his sexual habitual !

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