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Sunday, August 31, 2008

no "SWEETS", only "CANDY PAPER" given : Budget 2009 REVIEW (part 2)

by JP

(continued from part 1)

29.The Government will continue to encourage greater utilisation of public transportation, in the context of improving the productivity and quality of life. I (Abdullah Badawi) have recently experienced for myself the condition of the public transportation system in our capital city. I believe, a more efficient, reliable and integrated public transportation, which provides seamless travel and greater frequency of services, is required.

32.To further improve the efficiency of public transportation, a sum of RM35 billion will be expended during the period 2009 to 2014. This includes projects to enhance the capacity of existing rail services, build new rail tracks, increase the number of buses, as well as provide better infrastructure facilities.

33.The existing LRT system in the Klang Valley will be extended by 30 km, that is 15 km respectively, for Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines. Upon completion in 2011, the extensions are expected to benefit 2.6 million residents in the Subang Jaya-USJ and Kinrara-Puchong areas, compared with 1.9 million currently.

34.At the same time, 35 train carriages for the Kelana Jaya Line have been procured costing RM1.3 billion and these trains will be fully operational by early 2010.

36.To further expand the urban rail service network in the Klang Valley, a new LRT line will be built along a 42 km route from Kota Damansara to Cheras. This new line, with a capacity exceeding 300,000 passengers daily, will, upon completion in 2014, provide rail services to more than one million residents in the housing, industrial and financial areas in the vicinity.

So, now you know how huge volume of the new train carriages needed in our country !??
by scomi
37.The Government also took over the assets and operations of KL Monorail, from a private operator in 2007. Several measures were taken to improve the operational efficiency and maintenance. Following this, the twelve trains acquired are now fully operational. Since the takeover, total ridership has increased by more than 10% from an average of 51,000 passengers daily to 57,000 currently. This takeover will contribute towards establishing a more integrated urban rail service in the Klang Valley.

38.The commuter rail services of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) will be upgraded. Towards this end, rehabilitation works are being undertaken on the existing 20 Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) and are expected to be completed in 2009. An additional 13 new units of EMUs will be acquired and be operational by 2011. With this, the capacity of the KTM Commuter is expected to increase from the current 350,000 to 500,000 passengers daily. To expand the commuter rail services network, a 7.5 km Sentul-Batu Caves line is under construction and is expected to be completed by 2010.

WOw! huge number of new rail lines and new carriages needed to be invested !

I still remember I had written an article [ Do this also you CAN NOT! ] early last month to expressed my disappointment on this city public transport system.
I'm really doubt about the government ability to create an integrated system which will effectively link up the existing rails provider (LRT, Monorail, Komuter) with road buses and taxi.

61.The Government will continue to provide free health services for Malaysians. A sum of RM13.7 billion is allocated in 2009 to enhance health facilities and provide equipments, increase supply of medicines, develop human resources, intensify research and enforcement activities, as well as build more hospitals, clinics and quarters.

62. ... the Government proposes that excise duty specific on cigarettes be increased by three sen from 15 sen per stick to 18 sen per stick. With this, the duty for a 20-stick pack of cigarettes is now increased by 60 sen.

What happened to the excise duty for alcoholic beverages ? NO increment !
Nature ? So, parts of the East Malaysia "orang asli" continue to enjoy a fair price on beer ! cheers ~~

And, I'm curious too about the government decision NOT to increase the duty on gambling sector !
Is that means this government encouranging more expansion for gambling industry ? What'a dangerous remarks !

74.The Ministry of Education is allocated a sum of RM31 billion for the benefit of 5.8 million students. Of this amount, RM1.6 billion is to finance the additional posts created following the opening of 26 primary and 41 secondary schools and the additional expenditure for maintenance, food assistance, scholarship, per capita grant and new equipment.

Yes! they are pumping a lot to educate our children here.
So, more and more pupils are bachelor, master and even doctorate ! great !
Do we expect more and more unemployed master or doctorate here ?
Any proposal to create more employment ?
Any proposal to attract more foreign investment ?
So far, I don't any ... in this budget which themed [ a Caring Government ].

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