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Monday, August 25, 2008

PP Voters : Determination of the next PM

by Jeff Phoon
Tomorrow the Permatang Pauh's voters will vote for their next Member of Parliament for their area.

But all of us knew that this will be the [Anwar-Strike Back aiming to be PM route] which will totally leading Anwar either in his glory or burying !

We knew that and never doubt about his capability to fight for the Dragon Seat's chair when he claimed that he is fully confident about 30 MPs defection against BN and crossing over favour to his Pakatan Rakyat which enable him to hold the majority seats and becoming the next Prime Minister !

So, eventually the Permatang Pauh' voters are actually determining the sake of this country people's destiny tomorrow, where if they are voting for Anwar to be their next MP means indirectly they have voted Anwar to be the next Prime Minister of this country !!

So, you folks of people there, please.. we bag you please really think twice before you voting !

Our destiny is on your hand !!!

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