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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Defection : People Wish or NOT ?

by Jeff Phoon
This is the new "Jemaah Menteri Malaysia 2008" ??

This won't be the ONLY question arised when you first read on a newspaper morning after wake up.

It will be a full list of "questionaire" , sounded more or less like this:

"you want Anwar to be the PM ? "

"ya, good! now we will have a Chinese DPM..."

"who say i want him to be the PM ? "

"we were just not happy with the BN's ruling, and we don't want BN to become too strong, we never say that we support that Anwar to be the PM..why him?"

huh, so now you start to regret!

"we rather to have Wan Azizah, the woman who play a strong hold to his husband, but NOT him !"

Really think of the people's wish before you doing it !!

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