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Thursday, December 18, 2008

not 6 million dollar but 6 Phones Man !!

by { JP }

I have read about a commentary news about a political party prospectus on their ruled state yesterday.

This made me thought about a "6 handphones man" which photo-shot by a local Chinese newspaper right after he was first time voted as Member of Parliament and attended the parliament meeting.

malaysiakini to post this up ==>
I am very curious why a man carry 6 (SIX) handphones at once ! ??

1. He is too busy with many contacts ?

2. His contact is from various group ?
i) business; ii) political; iii) friends; iv) family; v) secret lover; vi) enemy ??

and these group of his contacts provided with different numbers ? so that when one of his phone rang, he would know who is who calling him and ignore those he don't want to entertain ? ?
or maybe he would just switch off his unwanted (or unsuitable) phone/s when he attended different meeting with other people ? ?
and when those people failed to connected him due to his phone switching off, he would just said that "my phone was out of battery..." wat a nonsense !!

Anyway, we know he is a extremely busy man ! And he is in a high risk to get
schizophrenia !!

My little suggestion to him :

[use a phone with multi sim card loading feature];
(and he should know this, cause he claimed that he is "
科技是我的长处" - translated as " I.T. is my expertise ") ;
and don't hack my PC, ok?

and my advice to public :
[don't simply call him cause he said "我的时间都花在4项职务,即首长幕僚长、投资槟城董事、电讯基本设施特别委员会及国会议员的草根组织工作上。但是,我想将议员的职务带入新境界." translated as "My duty as Chief Minister 's P.A. ...and bla bla bla ....consuming most of my time. but I am intend to lead my parliamentary duty to a new era ."
How ? wat the new era ? ask all your residents in your area to contact you by internet ? ? ? include those auntie-auntie, uncle-uncle live in "wooden houses" in your area to "buy a PC then only talk to me ..."

We have really seen a lot of these MP showing off their real "arrogant" face !!
and don't hack my PC (I know you are the expert ! {top listed blogger} !) if you think you are the one I'm blogging about !! Fair talk, ok?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

goldedFinger Dive Nowhere

by { JP }

The [Witness Protection Bill] is being tabled in Parliament. I came across this news from many sources such like informats and insiders.

This news had been confirmed when nation TV news and Malaysiakini also broadcasted that the bill which aim to shield up "goldenfinger" (Chinese translated as the one who "shoot you down" from your top post, informer) is being first read in Parliament and seeking passing proccess.

Witness Protection Bill tabled
Syed Jaymal Zahiid Dec 16, 08 10:57am
Provisions in the Witness Protection Bill tabled for first reading in Parliament have placed much of the decision-making powers in the hands of the attorney-general (AG) and the relevant minister.
*Under supervision of director-general
*What witnesses have to disclose

picked from Malaysiakini at http://malaysiakini.com/news/94912

I have seen many of the witnesses programme failed to comply its integrity in U.S. movie. This made me wonderering in Malaysia, a high corruption battle-in country has her determination in giving the "goldenfinger" real out-of-trouble protection policy, and encouraging more unveiling underground criminal !

In fact, when I go through the tabled bill which pending to be passed and I found out these many loopholes which are very obvious (even to somebody like me who don't qualified any law degree) :

{Minister Appoint a director from P.S. to take charge}

{The A.G. in his full power to decide whether to protect or not}
my curious: [If the A.G. abuse his power in such a case which not in favour to him and threaten the informer/witness -
"if you want to proceed in this case, fine. Then I have the right to decline your application !]

{The Director appointed by Minister have the power to issue new identity card to participapants (witnesses) and providing new and "good earning" job to them}

[1. Will there be any monitoring superior or guide to prevent the Director from abuse his power by issuing new IC to illegally ? - and don't tell me that the Minister is taking charge in monitoring his job] ;

[2. A complot to politically allege somebody in order to "pull him down from high post" and provide benefit to witness(in their favour) to find a new job which earned him more income?] ... who will decline this offer ?

{A Registrar of Witness Protection be appointed to handle the "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT" booklet - " Register of Participants "} ? ? - This is so called the booklet which was similar to "Death Note" which will determine the lifespan of the participants;
or in ancient time - those despotic and cruel Rulers will chase out for traitors' namelist (booklet) and chop their head one by one if found !

So how can this booklet which contain the participants' origin identity and new identity (which inclusive of their birth certificate, I/C, marriage certificate and other relevant documents) to be handled by somebody who "might" be NOT integrity (as perception by most of the people that - a corrupted officer "again" appointed by a corrupted government "again"; and anticipation by people that a clean government to be reformed "soon") !

{In order to protect the witness' identity, this act will penalize those involved officer who leak out information with 20years sentence} .... BUT {clause 24 . also to protect (or immune) the officer from being prosecuted if their action/s is based on purely on their "kindness" (can't find a suitable word for this, for I'm translating directing from Malaysiakini-Mandarin version), reasonable and for all to executing their duty in complying the act}

"See, how radiculus and fucking-ass holesloop creating ?"

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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