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Monday, July 20, 2009

by { JP }

These are sick drains (longkang) in Tmn Seri Sentosa..

Located at these roads..(in front of single storey linked house)

With rubbish not cleared up too ..

POST note:
On the July 3rd at 3:10pm I posted an issue into YB Charles Santiago's Facebook with hoping that he should work out solution on the sucked drains in Tmn Seri Sentosa. Or at least he should forwarded this issue to his counterpart in Pakatan's state government to act immediate in solving the malfunction drains.
{ Jeff Phoon
YB, one more issue:
The "longkang" drainage in Tman Seri Sentosa was cleaned out the last time before election last year.
Now its had been abandoned for whole year!
And mosquitos biten children !!
So please do something, YB.
July 3 at 3:10pm · }

By grate, YB Charles responded in his own Facebook's wall with this >
{Charles Santiago
Dear Jeff -- please send me more info on the drainage situation in Taman Sri Sentosa. where specifically is the problem.
July 5 at 3:42am }

And I responded in this >
{Jeff Phoon
Dear YB,
the longkang in front of single storey link house all blocked !
Water inside not moving..
Expecially in Lorong Dato Abdul Hamid ..
Kindly send people to check.... Read More
btw, i may able to photo shoot some photos for your reference. but if you able to take immedaite action before that, so much appreciated, YB
July 5 at 3:48am · }

So, today I forwarded these group of photos in showing him the sucked "longkang" since the residents live there still not seeing any long-necked waiting solution on the sucked "longkang" while their kids still bitten by mosquitoes which multiple increased with such goodies growth environment!
After posting note:
Initially I still got lots of stuffs or different way in blogging this issue since I visited that area today and the sick scenes with unhealthy environment for residential still apparently not settled yet ! I might had written this piece of expression in a more "f" word leading as my style as you all known since if you are this blog's readers before.. but due to the death of Teoh (a political secretary for a DAP 's EXCO ), with my deep condolence and raised little piece of sympathy (supposed not to having in this "wtf"-up socienty) to alls expecailly Teoh's family and DAP's, so now you see that its my little respect to alls.
BUT, please act immediate. As my first complaint on this issue was on the beggining of July and nothing seem had been done yet !!
........ a lot more, you should know.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Klang "TIGER MOUTH" swallowing life ?

preventing casualty is always better than curing ? !

by { JP }

I visited one of my family member in Taman Seri Sentosa this morning.
There are two serious issues which needed to be brought up those Yang Berhormat(s) attentions.

Many of us oftenly seen this scenario when a certain road caused deaths a lot, then only traffic light was built into place. Can't we just had it turning back by preventing casualty is always better than curing ? !

So, please do appropriate action(s) to prevent another "tiger mouth" (a T-junction showed in below map) swallowing life.

The T-junction which I found extremely dangerous if you are driving out from Kesas Highway and turning to right-direction heading out to Tmn Seri Sentosa ! The junction section is excessived wide and this make you hard to foresee and estimate cars from your right direction; and worst with those "stubborn-cow" drivers from your left direction turning into Bandar Puteri without lighting up any signals. Accident(s) high risk happened while you've turned half way out, then you see a car suddenly appeared in your eyesight from left (due to a moment before, no car was seen of eye blind-spot) and try imagine what happen next !!
Or even you able to stop your car spotangeous, but then you'd be suddenly knocked by a car from your back !!! syss ...... Touchwood.

So, please and I plea to you, Yang Berhormat(s) do something soonest possible.

The residents in the area will appreciate for what you have done for them (even they didn't awared).

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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