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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Klang "TIGER MOUTH" swallowing life ?

preventing casualty is always better than curing ? !

by { JP }

I visited one of my family member in Taman Seri Sentosa this morning.
There are two serious issues which needed to be brought up those Yang Berhormat(s) attentions.

Many of us oftenly seen this scenario when a certain road caused deaths a lot, then only traffic light was built into place. Can't we just had it turning back by preventing casualty is always better than curing ? !

So, please do appropriate action(s) to prevent another "tiger mouth" (a T-junction showed in below map) swallowing life.

The T-junction which I found extremely dangerous if you are driving out from Kesas Highway and turning to right-direction heading out to Tmn Seri Sentosa ! The junction section is excessived wide and this make you hard to foresee and estimate cars from your right direction; and worst with those "stubborn-cow" drivers from your left direction turning into Bandar Puteri without lighting up any signals. Accident(s) high risk happened while you've turned half way out, then you see a car suddenly appeared in your eyesight from left (due to a moment before, no car was seen of eye blind-spot) and try imagine what happen next !!
Or even you able to stop your car spotangeous, but then you'd be suddenly knocked by a car from your back !!! syss ...... Touchwood.

So, please and I plea to you, Yang Berhormat(s) do something soonest possible.

The residents in the area will appreciate for what you have done for them (even they didn't awared).

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