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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do this also you CAN NOT!

by JP

Are you scared already?

Good, you are doing your job@

They are posting in almost every main road toward to town. So, have you been threatened?

Don’t do anything silly, see how strong we are, everywhere you go, we are watching you" ...
(people start to recall back what’d happened in May 13)

Yes, this is their objective. They’d achieved by preventing anything which they thought would be an anti-government action, motion or even (just) thoughts.

Bravo again! Pak Lah.

But please try to bring up any substitute plans (if any la) if you’re trying to do this again,
we are all suffering here, then where are you?

This was what I felt and thoughts last Saturday,

My colleague drove me to KTM Subang last Saturday evening, due to my car broken down for weeks. When I reached KL Sentral for interchange, this was what happening:
I walked down from the commuter from Subang and wait for the next commuter heading to Rawang.
I was leaning against a wall tiredly (after an "armpit-to-armpit" rides inside the commuter).
Then a couple of “colleges-student-age” (at their 20’s) came to ask me “how to take the commuter to Seri Kembangan, Serdang?” the lady added “which lane I should wait ?” I replied, “take the lane heading down to Seremban and it was at the other side that you should wait. You need to take this escalator to climb up and go down from the other side and wait there” (while I pointed to the other side’s escalator)...

This recall my memory 10 years back when I was lapsing my after-STPM time worked in Singapore. (I have a pit of prejudice against Singaporean) Overthere, clear and understandably signs, logo and diagram maps showed at almost every column pillar at their public transport stations. You could see these almost every pillar alongside walkway closed to MRT, and inside stations, you could also see these pasted onto almost every column and wallface. Not just for MRT(er), but for those who are taking buses, you could easily see these diagram maps inside bus stations. (Are they too stupid ? illiterate? If not then why there was too many diagrams pasted here and there ? there must be a benefit reason for these…)

So, why can’t we just get these simple things to be done.
Don’t talk cock cock big deal, this also you can not do perfect !!

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